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i can check later if workaround sequence is open drill export, save dip, open dip, export drill

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so i can find something with right hub
just sucks because old wheel was super true, its hub bearings were pretty shit tho
blackmoon: you can put a non-hangar derailleur on a bmx
i bet the trick is using a skinny hub from a kids bmx
im pretty sure one of the homeless engineer bums could make it work with some pennies and duct tape
timecop: beep
drill export somewhat reproduced
it didnt work until i saved and reopened then .dip file

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blackmoon: i would have to replace the nut on the non-sprocket side with a half nut
and add a half nut to the sprocket side (which has a spacer and a full width nut)
issue is i pulled the wheel from a bike with a narrower axle and chainstay width
and swapped the wider axle in
so the distance from freewheel threads to wheel center is diff
i think centering the hub, my chain will be almost straight in highest gears front and back
i was in a hurry when finishing the work because was going to be late for av tech job
tipoff that something was up was that my rear derailler worked with no adjustment despite the wheel being offset
i was like fuckit, it rolls i need to get home and then get back to work
anyway, we about to shift from building bikes for upcoming auction to scrapping bikes

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my wheel hack is fail
because swapping the axles mean the chainline will be wrong even if i get the hub centered because skinnier hub worked with same width cassette
bike are annoying
clearly the answer is not to crossthread the hub that worked before
like, my deraillers works perfect but my wheel is offset a half nut to the sprocket side

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alt rock hip hop
thats the post punk alt rock thing
i saw a guy burning his MAGA hat, wearing RHCP shirt
like, the music didnt work on this guy

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this should be a bigger thing, people first reaction to musics
some people dont listen to rock music
also hes prob under 30

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i envy this guy: https://youtu.be/J3MaBTVmcsE

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and the dev board stuff is already filled in
well its a business, shrug
they sell chip and compiler licenses
hobby shit, L0 and F0 is a lot, and i got F4 running for free with some drama
arm7 with atmel tools sucked way more
you basically had to rab it

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cubemx is neat because it spits out all the init code
and it exports to pretty much everything, so setup examples happen on demand
anyway for L0 keil is free, and is turnkey for dev boards with cubemx
so worth trying if you do that
i did not like the stm32 eclipse solutions ive tried
i documented setup, it sucked i dont want to look at those notes again
cubemx->keil is like, setup in cubemx hit export and select open project button, youre up

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do you at least have a fancy highlighting config?
very nice
guys why is atom such trash
i expected more, but its just java trash
theres like, typing latency
like, bitch you have one job
i loaded a gcode file and it just locked up
every time it tried to load because it decided to be default text editor, it would try and reload the gcode and get stuck
i have 32GB of mem
theyre doing somethign wrong
keil will sometimes do the typing latency thing, but thats because its scanning all of the ST library tree to create neato tooltips

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rab: like on a ribbon?
im trying to make a habit of splitting signals on ribbons with gnd, dead gnd shields, or dc lines
or enable signals
oh and diff current on ui bits

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if its happening to you too i trust the china stuff more
this is with keil
atmel did that
and look what happened to them
bets on time until TI eats ST?
as long as they keep the chipamps like they did with natsemi, i guess im okay with that
rab: workbench
maybe its better now
it does?
i do cubemx to keil pretty quick, mostly works
eats your constants if you dont do them in cubemx

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i dont know if my china programmer has issues with reset, or my china stm32 have wonky resets
i dont want to connect my discovery boards/programmers to verify
like, one shit works if i hit reset button while programming, programmer wont reset it
with st stuff or china stuff?
so its maybe target related
the circuit is like, a resistor
have to check what they got on the discovery boards, maybe its some weird ground thing

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msp430 board is bigger with moar butan

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theres like 6 of them on digikey
the spendy one is $24

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Elec/Electronic Engineering 315 conflict with all options of Mechatronic Engineering 440A
fuck my life

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tho professor like my work
he asked for my little pump to show another class, was unsure how long he would need it, hasnt given it back
whatever i almost threw it on my roof after last semester
my roof is very slanty tho

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like if your system cant keep shit stable, the integral controller can ramp and start changing shit after a delay, further flipping your shit out
so if youre trying to tune P and D for ramp performance, having the I controller in play can make shit difficult to figure out
controls class is like, creating models for your thing, then figuring out what range of gain its stable, then figuring out what you can do to make things more stable
then using a PID to try and force that model
i guess
i think you try and get close with the model then youre just pid tuning
this seems to be what a lot of practical examples online and professor examples suggest
'oooh, ya just tweak the this'
the problem is the bulk of the points for the class project is for the model

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so like, my real life reference is servo offset correction in a feedback amplifier
the way the servo works is low pass filtering the signal band so only DC offset is left, which it injects inverted into the feedback node scaled proportional to gain
oh, shrug
the outside
say you are controlling some arm that has spring tension to keep it mostly level
but one of those springs wears or falls out of adjustment
so now the arm always wants to be pointing up a few degrees when idle
and right if you set P and D so it oscillates, maybe doesnt oscillate around the target point depending on initial conditions
or changing conditions

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yeah, but PIDs is pretty easy
its the differential equations shit that's fucked
its neat but this is not stuff im pro at
also, because mechatronic majors have more programming, they dont teach us matlab
its integral controller stuff
if there is a steady state error, integral error will ramp, until the controller does something about it

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also controls class without taking linear algebra might as well be magic

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oh T was time, like maybe a period, because t was also time

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i blame symbols for variables and units
fuck greek
i love new physics teacher, but she will overlap variable symbols
last week, m was mass and also modes
and T was tension and something else
like if you dont convert to something else in time you break the universe
wolfram alpha is neat if youre careful about entering units, if it cant output in right unit somethings fucked up

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post to all of interwebs!
do you have to calc it?
yeah the only thing you dont have is Vf
Vi are given

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solve the second equation for C, and replace the C in the first equation, and now youve related energy, work and volts
wait, you do have charges in a) and b), so its just (Qf - Qi)(Vf - Vi)
delta V is diff between the two caps? so diff energy, so the work is maybe the diff between those energies

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and i already feel guilty about not doing my own homework plus class hardware project plus laundry
you can use charge and capacitance to figure out coulumbs, no?
and pretty sure you have enough to figure out voltage diff, initial and finals for both
so you dont have C, right?

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it does because it means you can probably eliminate variables
well, theres going to be a voltage difference, which prob isnt the same
and an absolute number of electrons that went from the low charge cap to the high charge cap
typically, if you know something is equal, you rearrange the equation to equal that variable
and then use that to relate initial and final state shit
the transfered charge, i think
id have to do the whole problem

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The work required to move an electric charge of one coulomb through an electrical potential difference of one volt, or one "coulomb-volt" (C⋅V). This relationship can be used to define the volt.
pasting that broke my terminal i shouldnt do that
so you have to calculate number of electrons and relate to volts
its not intuitive because this only happens in physics class
and each cap will have an amount of energy
and the transfer of energy is work
so probably one cap is doing positive work and one is doing negative, they might be equal

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is there resistors?
do the caps have specs?
which in E&M i think is energy times voltage?
which seems like an algebra problem, energy loss from ESR seems like calc
i think work is maybe delta joules
joule = N*m = C*V, its work

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pretty sure you need an ESR spec?
ideal caps, i dont think you lose any energy, they just charge proportional to their capacity
it might be zero
if youre just working with ideals
absolute energy is how i would relate the initial and final states
yeah you lose energy as heat in resistive components, if theres no resistance in the circuit or ESR spec, i think the answer is zero

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sculptor: our bike shop is kind of same thing, some donation bikes, lots of bikes from police either recovered stolen bikes with unknown owner or abandoned bikes
and then we rebuild for auction, or we scrap for parts and metal recycling
physics is stuck on physics questions

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pretty sure the nexus hub i scrapped was coaster brake, all the ones ive seen are on beach cruisers
and when i was playing with one on the stand i was kind of blown away by how delicate it felt
like, shifted way smooth, very light pull on cable

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wtf truss steamroller bike

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ew coaster brakes

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