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i dont think either statements works particularly well outside of switched circuits dead shorting loads

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hamss: it might have a thermal switch
do if overloaded itll turn off until its cooled down

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wheels dont roll randomly they roll in order!

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damn all the local cbd got expensive
place had crystalline 99.9% cbd, 0.5g/$30, these other places want $60 for same shit same brand

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heh, marijuanaenthusiasts is prob the better sub
i think ive only participated to post links about sessions being a dick about legalization
and be like fuck you to the ents who voted trump
i feel like everyone who legit voted for him because of his business skills falls into the naive camp

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TYT trying to talk shit about the girl facing down the bull on wall street because comission by a bank which is settling with women over discrimination shit
who fucking cares about the intentions of the mfkrs who paid the artist, its a cool statue

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have you seen one unspool in slow motion?
it looks like it prob took them awhile to get it right, its like crazy perfect
cant find vid, i think was some shit i saw on history channel couple decades ago
fuck i need sleep

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tows are weird
very slow and i think theyre wire quided?
the strikes always look the same tho
i think they have a thumb stick control?
theyre that old?
right i think theyre thumb stick guided
apache guys target them with their headgear shit
i didnt know they were that old

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