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the body models are pretty realistic looking
if they modeled suspension geometry too its maybe decent sim
looks like theyre driving with keyboards tho
haha they made crash test dummys
timecop: i think theyre trying to model it as safety glass but it doesnt pop off ever
other glass shit goes away and leaves fucked edges

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timecop: lexan!
omfg sound is fucked
effected levels jacked to infinity
timecop: windows change to smash texture in later shots
that actually looks like decent rally driving
and in one the shit is all bent to fuck, but just the corner shatters

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they prob lost and got desperate
or just wanted a pole that bad, it looked like field work
looked like the fucking shifter and pedals would snap off
imagine that with like 100 more holes, and holes between the holes already there
it was terribly ugly but also mad impressive
kbbl fuck this class

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i mean you could prob vent it so it doesnt deflect with heat so much
but like, you prob same weight by doing two parts, and having the sprocket mostly open
and the disk thin as fuck
righ but im saying if weight savings was the goal
you could prob do a spoked sprocket or thinner, and just have kind of normal disk
blackmoon: if it is used in motorsport, someone has drilled speed holes into it
original porsche 550 spyder racecars, gorgeous on the outside, priceless, swiss cheese inside

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i like this because prety independent
and can maybe do braking with it
doing a regen braking setup would be fun
cut sprockets out of brake disks?
wait like
so on the side with no chain
theres a caliper?
youd be double fucked if you warped the brakes
and the variable hardness might wear quick
right but like, instead of your brakes eating your caliper, theyre throwing your chain too
prob not very hard i think is the issue
right thats why maybe it would work
i think you could do it if you split the surfaces and did sme fance heat treating
like some katana hardness gradiant shit
right who knows what ends up working

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bike motor
im going to look for a disk brake wheel for my bike
and get bike procket that bolts to it
i guess because like 60-80cc bike kits, theres mad parts for this now
naw this diff i guess you bolt to where disc brake goes
the ones that bolt to the spokes are nuts
i thought they clamped to the hub and that was nuts
but bike cart coworker like, nope its the spokes
so yeah even more nuts than clamping to the hub
but brake mount is like, made for this

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guys where do i get a cheap 1hp motor
what about like, pump motors on farm gear?
i bet theres some of that around
blackmoon: heh @ 30S battery pack
save money on wire
dc universale is like, plug me into anything?

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the part where they dont have to give the shit back blows me away
sorry we used your house up in the course of the investigation
moon dont rub that in our face
we are busy and tired

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d0gzpaw: thats what broke the story
the womans rep was there for the call with the family and she reported what was said
trump denied almost at the same time the mother confirmed it
other family members were there with the rep and mother, and the staff were with the president, but the white house claims no recording exists, and i probably believe them
which means its a their word vs ours
so its over
this will be an outrage until the next outrage
so 6 to 36 hours
yeah i dont know how thats legal
like, once they realized they could get away with it, they act like its a line in their yearly budget
it probably is a line on a lot of departments budgets

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light emitting transistors #1
i dont want to go to ethics class
i dont even

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Shimano Jar

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with the plastic roadblocks, you slide like 30 ft where it flattens out
the actual armory two blocks away is not as cool, just a parking lot, heh

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nice hes red bull sponsor
funny how a legit formula 1 effort w/ sme success and the cultivation of a caffeinne adiction have completely changed how i feel about the company
dropping a mfkr from space with a prachute didnt hurt, either, im okay with giving them my money
wtf has coke in my life besides make coke
I think finding a belt cog that mates to the Nexus hub might be a bigger
i miss dicking around on the sepulveda damn
mostly i rode down it on roadblocks like sleds or surfboards while friends did dangerous things with skateboards

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my 24" bmx was like 22 lbs, way under $1k w/ all sealed bearings
but yeah longer single speed gearing and long crank not good for my legs =(
24" and 26" bmx comes with really good hardware for the money
shit i have to do lab report conclusion
fuckin lab reports, writing in a notebook, we cant save any data, we only run tests once, we do all calcs by hand even when its repetitive and perfect for excel
the data logger and analysis thing is kind of cool, education precise sensors, jacked the sampling rate way up in one lab and still got decent looking data

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i just read concealed in frame at first
little guy, you can tell thats totally for competition
extra 5% stuff
you could use some sort of preloaded spring on a clutch for burst power to get around the heat detection
thats too heavy
anything built into the wheels isnt gonna be popular with competitive riders
its like unsprung weight in a racecar, its teh devil, yo
also my bike is heavy as fuck, especially with u lock now
guy with cool downhill bike was talking shit about BMX w/ long seat tubes
his bike is prob few $k, prob weghts 30-35 lbs

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and the tech is somewhat related to autotune
you cant hear some algorithms
it depends a bit on source material, but some of them dont sound processed at all
hmm, not sure what you mean
also rotating mass is why i dont want to get e-bike hub motors
seems like would be a bitch to ride unpowered
so im thinking about getting a disk brake hub, and getting a powered bike sprocket for the brake side
what is mech doping?
and then mounting a motor above the wheel kind of like a bike rack
and its got a little needle poking out?
ooh concealed motor

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heh someone paid $35 for the shit bmx i rebuilt
fucking cantilever brakes on a headset gyro, steel like a brick
wonder how much nexus hubs weight compared to normal cassettes
temp rear wheel is heavier than old one and i prob use too much grease packing the bearings
annoying as fuck
sculptor: with the same pitch?
ableton live calls it warping i think
sometimes its called tempo shifting, as opposed to pitch shifting

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