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they float
i think the only thing theyre located by is collar bone
everything else is basically muscles and shoulder blade

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not sure the geometry really works like that on the bottom part

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they got like 200 IQ mfkrs figuring out down to drill 2.4" holes with an arm
changer might take awhile

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eh wtf sculptor
metroid and super metroid are same game, same experience
so is f-zero, shit is still fast af
original megaman is still too hard
not sure if there were any other important games
oh, castlevania
omg legend of the mystical ninja
k thats it no more important games

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fuck your cannonballs

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guys electronics is better than optics
i decided
hmm, optics is better than kinematics/kinetic bullshit tho

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eggsalad: why is there horse penis on your homework?
eggsalad: how much can i get a used DSLR w/ slow motion capable frame rates for?
eggsalad: k
omg pr0k

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eggsalad: im tired
eggsalad: i dont want to online chemistry homework

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