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where is synth
i bought earl grey because i thought was just type of english breakfast tea, nope
its almost like gin tea
it has caffeine tho, so life is better

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theyre load dependent so specs wouldnt matter much

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get a trasnformer in there
those are boost transformers
so youd prob want to run it backwards tho i suggest you stop doing electronics completely before you hurt yourself
thats how it works, yes

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i had to google that
but if i had eggs, i would just do basted eggs on tostadas
actually, thats why im out of eggs
bacon, hash brown, eggs on tostadas is typical
wait fuck its tuesday
$1 STREET TACOS AT PEPES \o/\o/\o/o\/o/\/\o/\o/\o/\o\/o/\
i can bring back pinto beans

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altium is pretty typical non-console gui stuff
its not bad, its just a career app with lots of shortcuts needed to really make it work right
photoshop is same, id rather just use gimp and get pissed over GTK details
out of black beans. what am i gonna do with all these tostadas

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you group and move in old eagle, i think in certain cases it auto switches to move
in new eagle you have to hold control to move multiple, to access older functionality
is it dumb? yes, but thats the result of changing the UI because people complaining about cut/copy/paste
rab: i was sooooooooo pissed before i figured it out
but right i think its at the very bottom of a right click list, its not a secret
jero32: older eagle UI had no right click menus
with right click
now its ctrl+right click, pretty sure
well they did it for clickers like you =(
clearly clickers are never ever happy
anyway, eagle UI in terms of functionality is hard to beat
but right, its not conventional and its a bit overloaded because they decided to keep the old UI too

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id rather have short commands that are very, very well documented than trying to remember ton of single key quick functions
i dont remember them being simple to find in altium in app documentation
you dont really need example, anything you can do in eagle can be done simply with commands, which means in certain repetitive situations you can save time, you cant without direct command access
so it has that over every other EDA package i can think of
and the "unusable" nature of its UI is usually related to non conventional cut/copy/paste, which has been updated so now convention cut/copy/paste is overlayed over the older UI
rab: thats altium
you basically need a cheat sheet
you hold control
you havent been using eagle long
what youre talking about is related them to them putting a new UI over the old UI

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typically you learn a few things and your workflow speeds up significantly vs mouse hunting
eagle has the most functional UI
but the germans did weird shit with cut copy and paste
so its universally hated
i cant think of much else thats horrible about the UI
all part managers are shitty
theres too many corner cases to do it simply
in eagle, arbitrarily shaped pads are a hack, in that theyre very manual and hard to make work fully with DRC, and thats maybe the worst issue
and for all i know its fixed
its a non issue on 40 part boards
if youre doing rework on a 1000 part board, tha mousing shit dont fly
in which case, you have to lookup randomn ass key shortcuts in altium

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shrug, at some level its all text commands
console cad lets you interface with the cad engine directly, shits fast
type refdes, click
i believe that was the trick
maybe had to type move
maybe enable a ref des layer
and hope that its actually still adjacent to the part
right thats like acad
you just need enough of the command that its unique
anyway, fuck autodesk
jero32: you can operate *everything* in eagle like that

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but you have to be at the point of doing a lot with eagle console commands to realize that
autocad is the same
eagle is console cad
the buttons are just shortcuts for text commands
GIMPs problem is GTK
gimp itself is good shit
but how to interface with simple shit like dialogs and text boxes is geared towards some uncommon geek as fuck workflow
save/open dialogs that do tree searches when initially typing instead of file naming is a good example
ive prob wasted an hour or two cumulatively because of that shit
kicad doesnt have a console?
command line interface
you can drive eagle with text, just using the mouse to click in coordinates
actually, im pretty sure you can click in coords, maybe i transcribed from status bar, shrug
you click and it sends coords to console? i think i remember it doing that
the gui is slow jero
as timecop would say, fuck counting grid dots
altium has so many shortcuts because its UI is cluttered trash

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worse than eagle
i mean, honestly, autocad from pen and paper schematics seems better than geda
there was something abut part creation that flipped me out last time i used kicad
as much as i wanted to believe i was doing something wrong, i found lots of tutorials basically like, ya like this
rab: thats when kicad was very very french
geda was a project tho
it was a collection of slightly related half baked projects
*geda wasnt a project
right its kind of confusing
like i didnt pay attention for almost 10 years, and kicad got less french and geda seems gone
altium is okay
honestly the UI specifics in eagle or trash but i think it has the best CAD engine
*are trash
and theyre only trash because they used conventional icons but behavior was unconventional
my guess is youve never done console cad
eagles UI makes more sense than anything else

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i dont remember the details but i suspect the zero ring stuff ive had to deal with was because of board density and trace routing issues
usually the reason for stupid shit, pads that dont extend past the end of chip resistors and caps is other thing pisses me off
im sympathetic tho i dunno how i would have tried to fit all that shit on those boards
jero32: if you asking about me, no i dont use kicad
it seems better than geda

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did i say they were okay? i think i said they work, and they definitely do because ive had to work on boards like that
14:44:20 <@renesis> through hole plated holes, you can solder without an annular ring
14:44:26 <@renesis> it sucks but it works
i stand by my original statements
it def works
shrug, ive had tons of annular rings disconnect
many more actually, but thats just because they usually have rings
and its definitely an issue of degrees, if THP can disco from a trace, they can disco from a ring conditions being a bit more extreme
maybe correlates more to fab house than ring size, but yeah general rule is as large as works

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omg fuck U
is this physics?
jero did it

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it might
looks like they put a bigass reverse protection diode they didnt need to

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theyre not like, consumable items, but in a lot of random gen purpose use, they tend to eventually die =(
and thats not a bench supply, thats a single IC module
divxdude: thats usually safest with questionable supplies
then attach load with voltage still low, and raise it slowly to set voltage
but you wont be able to get 175W from 12V with that without exceeding current input limit
basically its allowed to protect itself or die at that point
fucking lab

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so like 6W
so right, if its just a normal 1/4W resistor, it should be burning up
im not sure but i think everything is working right
but i suspect you maybe hurt a sense resistor when you shorted it with the DMM
10A isnt always fused
they click at the ends
1 and 10 turn are common but ive seen 20 and 30
jero32: sure but almost all of them say to lower voltage, and its a known way to shorten the life of or blow bench supplies
shit gets old
most supplies arent good because they get blown up a lot
sure ive had supplies handle all sorts of ohshits
ive also had them work fine and then not doing basically same shit

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specs without headroom are irresponsible
the amount of headroom is very closely linked to competition and companies financial stability
anyway, bins happen
im not sure what the problem is
your burnt a resistor?
i dont think he put leds yet because testing
and maybe shorted the supply through a dmm
are you worried current adj isnt working?
well turn it thr other way
chinas weakspot is documentation, honestly
its not
its 0.2A

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and 6A*12v is 72w
you dont have 175W available
you cant make power
just convert it with some loss
6A*30V is 180W
you need a supply between 30V and 40V that can do more than 6A
i dont think i said that
your module has specs
they may be true
Input voltage: DC10V-40V
Input current: 6A (MAX)
with a 12V input, at 6A max input, you only have 72W available
some will be lost, so realistically only maybe 50W
at 40V, with 6A max input, you have 240W available
after losses, you maybe have 200W output
diff parts maybe
or diff testing methods
americans do the same shit, we prob told them how in our quest for more money
jero32: all honest specs are lies

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the voltage should be all the way down if youre doing that
30v is not all the way down
that should be fine
says 10-40v in, looks like it boosts up to 50v and limits I up to 6A
prob just a boost switcher with high side current detection
12*6A is your limit
so 72W max
input current is 6A
you need a 30V supply for 175W
minimum, you should prob run cloer to 40V to keep input current away from maxc
because there is an input current limit

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unloaded, set to 30v with current limit set very low
attach LEDs, increase current until its at the desired level
30V * 3A is 100W
if the resistor isnt very big, like some chasis mount thing built into a heatsink, it will prob smoke
how big is the resistor
i dunno maybe you broke it when you shorted it out with the dmm when it says not to
jero32: haha, ya no
if youre shorting out bench psu to set current with the voltage up, plan on replacing your bench psu at intervals

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10A on 10R is 100V
says output is 10v to 50v
so like, you can test how it behaves against its voltage output limit
but you cant test it for max current output, with 10R
yes but you have to make sure the current limit is set above what the load will pull
or it will lower voltage output to maintain max current output
and no load you should read voltage fine unless current is set to zero or under a mA
if you want to use it as a voltage regulator, you need to turn current way up so it doesnt go into current limiting

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you prob burnt the DMM fuse if it wasnt blown already
pots arent infinite turn its prob a 10 turn pot
you should test with an led
or diode
and some series resistance is maybe not a bad idea
maybe its a 30 turns pot
set the voltage, turn the current all the way down, connect an LED or diode and some series resistance, say 0.5ohms, and then measure voltage across resistor to measure current
theyll click at the end
they have little clutches
you can turn the system off and measure across the pots to make sure center is shorted to one side

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prob get a fake aoyue for $50
real one for $60 or $70
welcome to hardware development
you shouldnt buy gear because its useful
you should buy it because it makes you feel good

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sure, can route .004 trace with .004 space/trace
.008 space/trace, fine if you dont want to route between
long/offset pads good for this

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through hole plated holes, you can solder without an annular ring
it sucks but it works
its kind of like SMD pads, they need to be big enough that the terminal fits, extra for a nice fillet is suggested but shit works without them, and longer is usually for ease of assembly and rework
basically so you can heat the pins via the pads and minimize chip heating
jero32: do you know what board house youre using?
check their specs page
for min ring or similar
my guess is its based on their drill vs etch accuracy

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sounds right, i think .035 is tight
you can pythagorem based on the pin dims and add like .005
shrug, as large as possible without violating DFM, or small enough to allow routing traces between

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