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rab: so bikes i build or scrap have issues i have never seen on anything ive owned
like, how you get your tire to just fall apart like that, yo
its a kenda tire shit is almost new they make like a billion of these things
or like, crazy play in brake posts
like i wonder how times bums beaten each other up over my bike
also we get some of those $2000 rattle canned mountain bikes bums will ride

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so i think those on some sort of car detecting network
like, it sense a car and tells the next 20 to light up
but right looks like its doing what it should im just not sure where zero is
i need a nap
yeah no too much i need to rehydrate

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ill do it on the rear if theyre button cells just to extend life
but i slow blink
the fast shit drives me nuts, and i hate any blinks on the front
its not bright enough to project long enough that i focus on it
its pretty much the, yeah i know im driving the wrong way fuckoff i got space
thats really nice
what is c0-c180 mean on the plot?
polar plot is gorgeous

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no but most things lit enough
like, i have a little blinker lamp
ive lost the red one in the back
can just buy or make a mount for my 18650 led flashlight
yeah the far of axis on mine always suck, but i always shine it down on the wheel so not like invisible
like every responsible bike owner, all nasty old reflector removed
i shorted out the blink chip one on of those variable focus 18650 lights, its great now
click on, click off, no blinky bullshit

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sculptor: i think the flourecent meatball helmet was a good call
because riding at night on black bike, because los aneles traffic merging MUST GO FOR THE GAP THAT EXIST mindset
yes, ive been wearing for maybe two weeks?
everything as expected

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coincidentally she calls for object programming help and shes next to grocery store

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i need marijuana distillate and bread
oh damn, and eggs
suddenly this has become a mission
if i didnt live in buttfuck nowhere i could prob just tell amazon to drone drop me groceries
fren says tapingo just gets shit from same grocery im going to
maybe they have discount rinaow

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jero32: i believe half duplex is just using one side?
so send clock get data, but dont send data
like som sense stuff will just spray data when clocked theres no com other than clock
yeah if you have to do com stuff with the chip, like actual config or commands, you need both ways
but a lot of chips have some usable default that works half duplex
i think the angle sense thing i got, you have to send it a command and then clock in a couple bytes, just sits there if you dont tell it to send angle data
like, there is a user mode that only accepts the data fetch and switch to config mode commands
like, why cant you just send data when no commands you only do one other thing

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because we legit dont want you to burn your house down

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13:22:34 < Sculptor> beware not to set your dwelling on fire

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gpf: sorry if incorrect
and i wasnt counting trade degrees if you mean one of those

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is he?
well, least hes prob not getting fucked on meds

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the min limit
i dunno
like, if he had drs watching, get a lot done on meth
hes got ideas he just needs time and focus!
has he been around?
hes needs to get away from his farm, i think he just passed some critical boredom threshold
well, whatever that means hopefully the change helps

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he left
'youre going need like 8 arduinos for the kind of current'
i think maybe he had the CC backwards
or was just chasing his tail by adjusting both
i think he said he blew the ones he was using?
anyway i think we figured out yesterday he was running a 1/3 the input voltage he needed to hit his power target with the input Imax
so like, getting them to work maybe blows them up
which is why hes having problems
also he was initially testing by shorting with a DMM in high current I mode, and said the manual said dont do that
so prob not very fast, and he maybe hurt it like that
a lot of the numbers he was measuring mathed out to the protection actually working at around the 0.2A set limit

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gpf doesnt have a degree, but has like 400 years of experience or something
divxdude: figure out what the fuck your doing, google as much as you can, if youre confused about something youre reading ask us
or leave
im mean
prob blow up his shit before he gets a chance to burn his house down

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resistor is 70s shit
CC should work fine
wtf ethical
for you? anything with mains is unethical
get a 100-240VAC input CC LED driver with fixed current
you dont
you need to actually know wtf youre doing, degree doesnt matter
kevtris blackmoon and rab dont have degrees theyre arguable the most experienced people here
im still the FNG

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youre just using a white LED?
youre not going to get any red
youre just getting blue and yellow
so dont
i dont know if my light bulb is flipping out or its my mains

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