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no tc its spelled niger

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this is why opamps and chipamps are awesome for audio

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my audio hacker friend buys old transistors on ebay
tests a lot, some are bad but heseems to get enough decent ones
repairs or building amps
i hope they work
well youre still pay like $7 in shipping
if in US

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for my costume i wrote inigo montoyo on a HELLO MY NAME IS sticker, and brought extras so people could write a costume
mostly people decided to be other people at the party
oh, yeah that transistor has higher gain
like it seems to come it two grades, pretty high and very high
cheap transistors are like 100-200, these are like 300-800 or something, depending on grade
well makes sense, like if you just bought 3905 they prob wouldnt do as well
you can try and find something with similar specs
my paper shredder is overheat :O
well, test them somehow

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because 3 screws?
i bet the use the battery holder on some other product
so bringing stack of HELLO MY NAME IS and a sharpie to halloween party worked well
everybody wears costume, no excuses

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champi0n: high hfe is high
also pretty fast

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sculptor: haaaaaa @ slurp solutions

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