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also dont forget aero research

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and they did run grid boys instead of grid girls one race
also F1 is about hacking the regulations, you can hardly back up the innovation thing
hybrid turbos will likely be a thing

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mclaren is doing the next batteries
and theres more manufacturers involved
my guess is after the next big rule change, so prob 2-4 years, theyll do something like battery swaps in the pits
that doesnt make sense
no one talks about #cars in cars
im prob the only one follows F1
cars in #cars
you hate cars why does anyone care what you think
timecops version of a circle
another circle
tho yeah, if you dont know wtf is going on, boring works

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but again, just like the rockets, its not really ground breaking tech, its just someone stepping into a space big money was playing it too safe to step into
i dunno about that
im not sure theyre worth the money, but the demand is there theyd be stupid not to charge what they can
right it does shit times at nurburgring
its basically a drag racer
quick swap batteries with variable capacity fix that
timecop: yup
racing tends to solve a lot of problems, tho
a lot of companies are thinking about formula-e
WEC hybrid category is effectively dead
englishmn: right because of the batteries
only think thats silly about formula-e, in terms of racing, is car swaps
englishmn: welcome to racing?
do you watch F1?
multiple engine failures per race
if youre not failing sometimes, youre not pushing hard enough
i thought you were talking about FE

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anyway elon did the same shit with cars
electrics are inevitable, car companies needed to make one elec car that people would be passionate about
an electric corvette would have been a no-brainer and sold out for years
they didnt want to deal with retooling and infrastructure, so tesla did the sports car, and surprise people were excited about electric car performance
model the sports car was sex, but it was basically a lotus elise
model 3 is pretty ugly
looks like a hyundai

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blackmoon: boeing/lockheed likely have enough black project money to last indefinitely
09:31:52 < timecop> boeing makes satellite system buses and shit
and lockheed has been making sats since forever
wtf does that have to do with rockets?
america decided shuttle was sexier than rockets and gimped its space program
tons of congressional committee hearings on the matter

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wonder how much drama ro rotate 45 degrees in flatcam

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russians have wasted their time and money on laundering even more money
they havent cared much about space since the end of the cold war
prob pissed they wasted time and money copying our shuttle
rab: so the joke with buran is they thought it was some sort of decoy design because they figured it would never make money or hit mission numbers
they were right
shuttle was cold war defence company kum ba yah shit
everybody gets a contract for all the money
heh, the russians had the sense to give up and go back to rockets, hence current situation

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like, what spacex is doing is neat, but tech wise its like 90s exciting, its sad its taken us this long to pull our head out our ass
its just fucking rockets, we gave up after fucking up the shuttle so hard
blew all our money and enthusiasm on an overpriced compromised vehicle
cheater: isnt atlas V from the 80s?
ah its early 2000s
cheater: is my point
space is neat but the tech is like 30 years behind
because we wasted all our time and money on the shuttle

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those dont seem to be space agencies
it would be a stretch to call boeing and lockheed martin failures, they just know where the money is
not sure either did rockets, both did the shuttle, but everyone did the shuttle
shuttle was the piece of shit that opened the gap for musk
also musk doesnt design the shit, hundreds of engineers do
and prob enough business sense to stay away
also i believe we buy their rockets so they cant be doing that bad
anyway, what musk is doing has been requested by nasa and industry since the 90s

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timecop: i think some line driver IC use them
the charge pump ones where you gotta stick a couple caps
nico: hi

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yes, socks
prob because the drive is kV
i think the concept is basically sticking the voltage from previous stages across the next one
i think dx built one
he wanted to

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hehe @ CD ladders
something croft ladder

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those use NPN switch, so not best efficiency but above 75% should be easy
like, assuming load is kind of matched to the ic
i dunno what you are doing, you are trying to drive low side of an inverter coil?

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from the ebay or amazon or baba
that sounds like a bad situation
yes maybe, it depends on the inductor and i think load
assuming youre not burning anything and youre generating enough charge to get the voltage spike you need, yes it works

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timecop: check ebay
timecop: the stylus sold for $50, accessory bundles sold for $200
damn $300
oh those also come with jornada, yeah that seemed too nuts
yeah its a cool form factor, but its like $10 in hardware
to get 6v from 3v?
you just do the math and get the right inductor and cap
then you need a diode that wont blow up, and then timing cap a,d maybe high side sense resistor
but i think its actually included
they put it inside!
no the IC you linked
theyre very good IC, the little integrated switching and RC oscillator dealies
shrug, you could just buy a module

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its got a uart
plus usb
just buy more
theyre going for like $100
seriously its not worth $15 in hardware
if you can get $50 for it part/repair, sell it
buy a tablet with keyboad

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and yet comforting
like my family
m$ upgrade then wiki
Microsoft finally admits Windows Phone is dead - The Verge
ha, i did win 10 mobile first
ssh console
any raspi wipes the floor with it
old hardware was fun to learn OS stuff on, but shit breaks
is like racecar, you can be fast and unreliable, or slow and reliable, but its not okay to be slow and unreliable

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the backlight driver isnt one of them
i thought my 2008 dell was dinosaur shit
be nice
the rocket people?
hole shit they are the same in this font
can run linux on literally anything

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page 8 and 9 has design procedure
nm, page 6 through 9
has NPN out, so like a mc34063
and had feedback equation is non-inverting, so 1+R1/R2
you need to build the circuit on the first page

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ofc timecop uses win10

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timecop: yeah that might be it
shawn|i7-: yes?

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the recent one, as soon as it happened, irestarted and exported and it was fine, which is same as first time it happened

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anyway i remember this happening before i dont remember if i figured something out to deal with it
timecop: you never had problems with drill exports?
huge bug is huge
timecop: both cases, it was two drills

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timecop: is there some way to select shit underneath other components in pcb editor
i feel like ive been pissed over this before, same thing, parts under a module and it always wants to select the module
rab: i think the select selection in eagle also confused people
i dont even remember exactly how it worked, just that if you didnt know wtf was happening shit just seemed random and broken in high density areas
no in dick trace
im not trying to pay for things
seems really random like have to try a few times

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it seems to be usable
as long as you export drills, ignore the file, restart pcb editor, export again
i could prob reproduce, i should send them a bug report, because wtf
its like none of these mfkrs ever done a pcb in a single sitting
and yeah flatcam is def cool
like, im not exactly sure what workflow is, or which place im supposed to set certain tool parameters
but it pops out working gcode quick enough ive never really had to learn it much better
like, getting it to work once and having a general idea seems to be enough

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also if i can figure out how to change routing modes in the other direction, like 45 angle, curves, 90 deg, dicktracemight actually be fun to use

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rab: i just realize sante fe beacon sim tech would make excellent tail light
i can wire up some of those 5W red star LEDs and do log spikes to get mad battery life

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rab: that shit was like a second
well, more than half a second
but the mechanical part is sex

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i want to see it dropped in without hitting the doors

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