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simpler algorithms maybe just repeat the fft data, so high frequencies become beeps

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kevtris is right
it happens in low bitrate mp3, or when joint stereo flips out
its a little like corrupt mp3 file bubbles
but right its a side effect of time stretching alorithm, thees lots tho
i think you can get similar effects with bit decimation
like, digital artifacts are either noise/fuzz or that
it reminds me of bubbles popping or a shower running
like, there are random single tone bursts with periods at close to the treshold of hearing them
its almost like random tone appregiator

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i dont undserstand why he cares so much

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neat @ sploding

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found random hardwar baggie with two, the round heads interfere withe the double D flatted feature the shaft sticks out of
i get about 3 turns, prob usable until i can get some better hardware
rab: ty

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nom peanut butter
rab: i think too short, also im not sure i have many of those
theyre used for something else besides optical, right?
its not hdd or slots
ssd uses the finer screws?
all my shit has mounted with special rubber damper screws
no it make sense, i dont use normal hardware on SSD, theyre fancy flange screws came with the case
*is mounted

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hopefully can ditch the a/v tech job for research assistant thing

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rab: they have m3?
m4 seems to be the cutoff for a lot of metric hardware bins
least this was an issue in santa barbara and agoura hills
heh, do-it center
yeah says they have them in stock
long, tho
for mounting gearmotor
short, can make whatever work
stack washers or cut em or whatever
yeah not all sizes at my store, no time today
i has two jobs today, like a wayans jamaican

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everything except avacado rolls and ginger slices suck

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