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like, your circuit makes shadows, ground is darkest color
yeah trip out, if you shine enough EMI on a ground, even it will light up, bad metaphor works
its basically comically big light

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jero32: radiation is actual particles, so denser things work better
EMI turns into voltage or current in your circuit, then obeys normal ohms law
or in your finger, if the ground strap comes loose
like when you route your circuit think of EMI like light

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i dont think reshuffling the world deck right now is a bright idea

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you can eliminate the two twces between the caps by moving the via for the left trace between the cap pad and chip pin
sure, just saying
chip pin 16 ground, move the inside via outside and you dont have to kink pin15 trace

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if pin 1 net on left header is very fast, maybe want to slide the angled bit one way or another so not so parallel
heh, you could move whole chip right, bring in that pin25 via in, slide the angled bit of j_left pin1 way left other side of via, then bring chip pin1 net up instead of through, on bottom layer
reduces a parallel section between chips pin24 and pin25, they cross at right angle instead

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did you run DRC?
make them 16 at least
because 2^n is sexy
its set to to .004 space/trace?
gap looks close on the traces between the caps
two vias per cap?
mostly looks fine

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jero32: bottom right, pin1 of big header
why cant you route that up
instead of all the way arounf
oh thats a wireless module
you need to make it sexier
it does not have the look
the look when it is done and you dont have to push traces around anymore
like your spacing should be all even, especially the angled ones
and make power traces fatter
there are electric reasons, but you should do it because it looks better

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eggsalad: why does joellama care?
ah, jealousy.
also wtf does 'channel go away mean'
like we all agree to leave and never rejoin?
why i gotta fuck with my config

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