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21:20:53 < d0gZpAw> usps is actually pretty fuckin rapid, considering
usps is fast as fuck
also ive gotten packages on sundays

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i would buy from a guy named pidkit with 117 feedback
*wouldnt wouldnt wouldnt
because not a pid
guys i want to hold my btc because fork soon means free money
but i also want groceries and to do laundry
also i think ive gained like 40% since i moved my eth to btc

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my ddwrt is prob exploitable as fuck
do you me flashin shit? no
id have to remember tha password again
naw i set it to some variation of something but i think ive re-enabled the reset button
i dont remember how i got back into it after disabling the reset button
i should machine all the things before its too late
not nice to make SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE noises at 10pm school night

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you have bricked more shit in like 2 months than i think i have my entire life

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omg very danger

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top(outline,copper,drill,silk,mask) bottom(copper,silk,mask)
normal 2 layer file set^
dont expect them to look at anything else, do special instructions in email so you have documentation of confirmation
if youre using pcbway or whatever, its all just radio buttons and dropdowns anyway
also file extensions are completely non standard
kbbl werq

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theyve sent me wrong board and mine somewhere else, theyve split an order and only followed directions on half and maybe got school tech in trouble, and they email to celebrate the death of other fab houses
'so sad, buy from us k'
they send pocorn and free pizza coupons
really that bad?
slant eye works his ass off like 320 days a year, just parties all at once
america in december is like, show up at work and fuck off until xmas
CAM file usually either means the gerber and drills files, or the CAM settings

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look at the apertures tab
theres a checkbox to toggle between -x and -d
rs274 is gcode, rs274d is gcode for photosplotters, rs274x is gcode for photoplotters with built in appertures, excellon is gcode for an exellon drill cnc
you always want rs274x and excellon
i like using that freedfm thing
and then not buying boards from 4pcb, because fuck those guys
pretty sure i have them tagged as spam

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rs274x for copper, silk, mask, outline, excellon for drills
really theyll usually take anything for outline, i guess this format is all over the place depending on EDA
maybe gerber x2
rs274d and rs274x are gerber
if you dont see excellon, its maybe that
its all nc files =\
yeah 274d maybe isnt even an option

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you could put the heaters on the sliding valve bit so theyre not cooled during exhaust
making one to run a little pump to water cool itself would be neat
totally needs fins on the inside

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so power mostly comes from how fast you can cool the cylinder?
how the fuck do you rev it
hotter flame or more cooling
variable surface area fins, yo
in my cnc school shop they had a little demo one
pretty sure it was a vacuum motor, sounded funny
rev it with an electric fan
ice cubes = nitro
no i mean on the case
i wonder

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what is open cylinder
yeah was going to say looks like a stirling engine
it still seems closed for part cycle tho?

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in america?

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09:43:59 <+jero32> it's neccessary in this case
naw you just decide where the board edge is, where you want to place the component, and stop the footprint at the board edge + some gap
.025" is a nice gap
thats prob like .625mm
then if you want the outline for reference, you put it on a mechanical or document layer
tho honestly, most boards houses just gonna cut it off

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