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hes still there
prob for another couple weeks

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'OUR SEARGENT IS A TRAINED OBSERVER, HE KNOWS WHAT HE SAW, WE KNOW YOU ROBBED THAT HOUSE' 'thats my best friends house, hes home, you havent checked? what if i was a robber and i hurt him? wtf' radio: THERE IS NO CRIME ON HESBY THERE IS NO CRIME ON HESBY [friend lived on hesby st]

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so um... kind of like US cops?
pretty sure those cops who stole all my nugs and left me with stems and shake, after cop horn beeping me off their hood and telling me to go home, did not actually submit the nugs for evidense
also, when i got popped for holding, because they thought i was robbing my best friends house, while he was home (wtf...), they took an oz+ off me, and it got written up as like 26g or something
which is nice because over an oz is another charge, but right those 3g prob got consumed by a copwife
they prob felt bad because had me and friendgirl at multiple gunpoint, stopped traffic on a major street, had like 5 units off other work

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blackmoon: in terms of drug enforcement, ya pretty much us gov

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Fentanyl has an LD50 of 3.1 milligrams per kilogram in rats, and, 0.03 milligrams per kilogram in monkeys. The LD50 in humans is not known.
rats get high
normal human is like 80kg? lets say 100kg because i probably am, so 3mg
blackmoon: like 47M people
but its the us gov, so they prob measured the motorcycle it was smuggled in too

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guys farmer john bacon has gotten so expensive its actually cheaper to buy lower qty of the fancy nitrate free uncured organic bacon made from hippy pigs
most other bacon brands seem like mostly fat and fall apart when peeling

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timecop: ya man their curves are sex, just follow app schematics and keep everything short and fat, give it its own little ground plane that connect direct to main PSU caps
basically studio quality
china not dumb
how much?
i cant find description of this diff?
*the diff
yeah some pins swapped
theres a table

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timecop: they rate power at 1% instead of 10%
basically, this reads like a decent audio IC, and not some afterthought portable-compatible-voltage-rail IC, which is pretty common for headphone chipamps
on a scope, 1% THD is about the threshold of visible distortion on a sine wave
10% is a fucking square wave
10% power ratings screams WE HOPE YOU DONT GIVE A FUCK
ha yeah they even published FFT noise plots

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The PAM8901 / PAM8908 delivers up to 25mW per channel into a
16Ω load and has low 0.03% THD+N. A high power-supply rejection
ratio (80dB at 1kHz) allows this device to operate from noisy digital
supplies without an additional linear regulator.
weird the important part got ate
and has low 0.03% THD+N
^ exceptional
yeah shit isnt audible for most people until around 0.5% THD
most speakers and headphones are around 1%
credible amps are below 0.1%, very good speakers and headphones are like ~0.3%
very good signal level stuff is .00n%

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rab: my knee has a feeling
i dont has knee problems! i has hip problems!
so now i guess i have to ride bike with gears, but not have fun
maybe even like, coast sometimes
i doubt its bad shifts because things super smooth since new chain and cassette

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