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anyway, if its going to get stuck vs a bigass adjustable wrench, i dont want to use it
i should try on a bike at work

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right but its an aluminum bike
decent paint, i dont want to end up torching it
also yeah i dunno if thats great for the pressed in races, but prob doesnt matter assembled
but mostly i dont want to fuck up the paint
its a GT Agressor... basically GT named my bike Asshole

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blackmoon: i have purple small parts loctite, do you think it would work to keep bicycle headset nut from spinning? because is a franken bike, XL frame so long headset tube, and the threaded steerer fork it ended up with is only long enough for the headset race nut, but not keyed washer or lock nut
like i have to remember to tighten it maybe half turn every few days
i think with reg locktite would get stuck forever

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w00t: pwm, dir, battery enable, and battery sense divider fet all working
fuck a breadboard
i didnt even use the china connectors, i just soldered to the bottom of them and hot glued the wires

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board reworked with kynar, now more awesome than unreworked pcba
forgot relay module has built in switch, had to delete and jumper logic fet =\

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this a little guy, great for tacking wires to boards
wouldnt mind a big one
fuck all that ill pay $20 for the husky or kobalt whatever
ha nice, this one a stanley

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the sticks are with thr gun
fell behind toolbox

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lost my glugun fffuuuuuuu

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i should watch that again

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it reverse biases the diode
thats why you put the diode, right?
i dont remember cordless phone batteries being very reliable
they were basically use a couple years and buy a new one deal
yeah i dunno about anything made in the last 15 years

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jero32: point is some places are worse, and this creates and a reverse swing
and im okay with that
shrug, i dunno the numbers
americans tend to be assholes

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almost every company does social events, most departments will socialize outside of work
outside of that, youre pushing boundaries
they dont, but theyre not required to work there and walmart isnt required to employ them
sure and some countries, slapping your female employees in the ass is socially acceptable

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like, ive had sex with a coworker in an engineering lab without issue
but there are other people, if i said certain things, id prob be looking at HR office time
jero32: if he didnt like her, and was worried about her reaction to rejection, going to HR is a valid response
if youre stressing about your job, its in the companies interest to protect you from possible head cases
no, telling HR you dont want to deal with her romantic actions
because how do you know she wont flip out?
if you drop a flower on a girls desk, and youre not positive shes into it, youre asking for HR talks
if its against company policy, firing her would be reasonable

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its grey areas and something you need to use best judgement on
theres likely much more to the story
also if he had a not dipping in the company ink rule, i think going to HR instead of the girl is fine
going directly to the girl could create drama
romantic people tend to be into that
social normals aside, this is an issue because of a worldwide culture of sexually harassing professional women
and given the way people talk when women arent around, i think its perfectly valid and still needed
'chasing the reluctant future lover' romance depicted in movies is usually cringy irl and definitely harrassment in a lot of cases

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eh thats typical, its nice to see it works both ways
like, if youre in a corp environment, you dont do that shit at work
asking someone to go to lunch is about as far as you want to go in the office, and if you get a vibe that the other person isn't into more when socializing, you drop the shit completely, immediately
is it kind of messed up, in context of romance?
sure, but guys used that excuse to sexually harass women for decades or centuries, ruining it for everyone

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neat, all supplies plugged in and no fire

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also domestic gearmotor company says its cool for me to take of shaft e-clip so i can mount my thrust washer flush to the gearbox
which is perfect because i dunno where that shit flew off to
i think two or three of these motors mounted under a bike rack would make awesome bike drivetrain, like 1hp @ stall w/ three motors, if i remember spec right
like 2" diameter

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holy mfk
i was worried i loaded down the motor too much with 12V 3Ah lipo, 5V 5Ah usb battery bank, rpi zero, stm32 disco, big h bridge PCBA, little relay module, couple PCB and aluminum bits to mount everything up
kept everything as close as possible to the motor, while be able to balance it no hands on on its spindle
mounted in a vise, hit the motor from the lipo with some breadboard jumper wires
shit spun around so fast it like slapped me with its loose wires
so potential great success

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blackmoon: typical parts express sex
their dayton house brand is legit, good datasheet, actual units measure close enough

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that doesnt seem accurate, in context of 70% in american being an A
90% is the typical cutoff
B is down to 80%, C is 70%, D is 60%, below 60% is an F
adjust as necessary
someone is narrow minded
and possibly never attending anything past high school

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shrug, that doesnt sound atypical
and the instructor will probably curve if students continue to do poorly
they always do

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macegr: are you alive

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d0gzpaw: why do you think?
because hes an asshole
and the people advising him are assholes

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ive never had a problem with excellon drills files

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sculptor: as long as theyre within the vias and you didnt make them zero-tolerance small, who cares?
playstations and nintendos have offsets drills, they work

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