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guys, this spacey this is dissapointing even if not completely surprising
but im pretty sure this shit actually makes usual suspects and se7en even better

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like, legit dr explained it with math so i was happy
but the issue is ive never, ever had knee issues
anyway goes away after sleeping so im prob good
well, for a few years

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and 4) is why physical therapist i absolutely should not do typical hip stretches and exercises
like, basically itll just make shit hurt more
and i should focus on lots of reps of small angles to build the muscle, using gravity loading
and if you do the trig, the extra angular motion provides almost no extra resistance and muscle building
almost all of it is in the initial swings if you start parallel to the ground, so basically deep stretching there is mad pain potential and minimal gain

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rab: right its worse on a small bike w/ bent knees because your quads are constantly being loaded like suspension
i think initial hip pain was caused by 1) long geared 24" bmx 2) fun w/ gf 3) bouncing around for 8 hours at shows 4) hereditary limited rotational range

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macegr: !

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using bacon sim tech
so i prob get little microusb charger module, lipo pack, china stm32 module, red star LEDs i already have
def not
i wouldnt need Al pcb anyway
i can just mount the star to an Al plate and use a fet switch
yeah can do that
but i like that my flashlight has variable focus
and is just 18650

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ya srs
sorry i tend to remember details and throw it back in peoples faces
its a thing, maybe one day ill learn
refreshing tracking in class
my bike light mount almost here
i should prob be finishing root locus homework but i think that boat done sailed
the star LED flashlight i shorted the blink chip out on
why am i doing to do that?
i maybe do a backlight over break
going to replace the clamp bolts which regular screws
tail light

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but then how will he know if the cargo plane falls out of the sky?
i didnt fuck up the drills!
dicktrace did, bugs been reproduced
on your board or mine?
how was i bitching, you asked questions, i answered questions and found the clickbox
sculptor bitched about bad drill alignment, and i noted it almost never matters

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timecop: abandoning stm32 i see

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