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i guess EE at a tool company not the greatest
actually, is prob just some shit they bought from a fatory, which explains the $.25 circuit bs
blackmoon: murder it and see what IC
we can bet on if its a tl494 or a mc34063 or that sg-whatever ic
pretty sure thats the guy, active bridge rectifiers into forward conversion transformers
too much for this guy unless they had a bin of 5M of them

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pretty sure mine shots off and beeps
keeps the fan on for a bit
it has cooling vents through the battery that mate up with vents and a baffle on the charger
thats nuts
omg wtf
or a sleeping uC and a pfet
something, wtf
are they?
i thought they were like 10mA or something
guess thats still better
you would thing they could find some $2 IC just did everything at a mA idle

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i thought sculptor was talking about bmx
er, bmw

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pretty sure they were routed on top of a ground plane, they may have been between a ground poor as well
curvy traces, big radii
yeah you just have to keep it away from other super high speed stuff or it might stripline on the signal trace
if thats fastest thing prob not a problem

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timecop: ive seen longer codec clocks
theyre slower at 24/96khz stereo, but not that much
like, the more grounds you have by it, the more capacitance, so the less edgy
kind of depends on what the clock input is cool with

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digikey and mouser dont take paypal =(

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all on one pin?
you may need a switch in between the input and the mcu
it might be some sort of current sink and thats 10v test condition?
dunno, work bbl

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ctrl+alt+del, alt-t, kill all the things
ya sounds typical for giant career app
i should update my student solidworks

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isolate one side, put in series with 1M resistor, attach scope probe and apply known voltage
store antilog ramp trace on scope
google capacitor RC time constant, do some basic algebra, ???, great profit and glory
DMM have pretty random capacitor sense ranges, most wont do very low capacitance
need an LCR

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is it russian or something?

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