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oh no

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rab: holy fuck, friends kid grew into the tiny bmx push bike i got him
sent vid, way too fast

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right there are 125 and 100 things locally
i think theyre pretty high demand here so not that cheap

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oh, shitty
damn, so right now goal is to get to race track 35mi away
all straight 2 lanes through farms
so they have 98/102, but its $$$
even normal gas there is $$$
not trying to break my butt

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so what like 10mph?
gotta be way more than that
yeah fuckit it has 6 gears itll work itself out
im just trying to judge if theyre like, car close or bicycle close
yeah this is better
yeah neat, super close
so you could shift to 2nd at like 15mph and keep it under 40 and itd prob be super happy

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would riding far on an 80 be doable?
or would i hate life
right so not so much
how many miles can they go before you have to like, maintain all the things?
what if you want to ride it 100 miles
like worst case
would it die
omg that sounds fun
what is top speed gearing out to?
fuck, thats fast enough
so you could top gear at 40mph and it would be fine
how far does 1st go?

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i dont know what that loopy thing does
look at labview examples
just download vis and run them, most will have loop
i think that thing just resets?
is your shit set to loop forever?
button in the tool bar
how is motor unit connected?
how is motor uit connected?
i dunno man this isnt really electronics
this is like, .15 logic chip or .45 uC

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what happens if you turn them both on
try making that
blackmoon: 3/8" 2 flute w/ .02 tip radius is fucking awesome
chips just like fly away

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use logic gates
they get stuck?
are you using a delay anywhere?
yeah i know im machinng things and doing CAM
i wouldnt mind not looking at labview ever again
i would try at least three alternatives first
i mean if you paste a block diagram ill look at it but i dont thin ill have a lot to contribute as far as debugging
but geterally you have some signal between while loops that trigger bunchof stuff
you cant just do an SR flipflop? look for JK flip flop

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i dunno what are you connected to
the button stops
whiles have little stops in the corner, no?
right click, add buttan
you can add more stop inputs with an OR/AND/WE gate
you drive it with the latched data
you want to cycle?
ya fuck labview
yeah dunno id have to open it and look at that shit
but everything is going to be inside one biass while loop
so like [init loop with GO stop] -> [big giant forever loop, stop is kill]
and the whiles probably dont ever stop

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ya it needs to die
two way switch?
i dont understand what youre trying to do
a flip flop?
you can just use a uC?
well check if they have flip flops
you can do an empty while loop, and when you stop that, your shit goes, until you stop the functional while loop
change the name of first STOP to GO
in the first while, you can have fields for setting parameters
and live feedback for sensors or whatever

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k so look for honda or yamahas i can afford
blackmoon: wtf is this
heh too small

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its basically like old cars with way lower mass
yeah thats not good for cars
this is something you do because fast and then your shit explodes into your thigh
haha so there was this pizza driver dork in cars, had some oldmobile cutlas or similar boat
sold it to some urban fellows, likely to be donked
anyway, they told him they did like a turn in reverse and threw it into D and much of the transmission ended up in the passenger area
blackmoon: whats cheapest dirtbike i can get w/ available parts

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for my project thing
wait no not try i did one, because inside no choice

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and yeah lighter cars, light push, few revs off so teeth can light up, shit will fall into place
but you prob kill a transmission trying to get good at that =\
bet toyotaCars new owner already fucked the synchros and burnt the clutch
i like, simultenously drove the fuck out of and babied that thing
heh, funny about that blockhead stem, i didnt radius any of the aluminum parts

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so pretty much a car transmission
yeah i never really skipped gears much
you can do that with a car
if youre good you dont even scratch, because syncros
right but its same general idea
the synchros just keep you from shattering your dogs in a car, somewhat locks you out
but thats how i got home when my clutch siezed
and thats how truck drivers shift
when you come off the gas, before the gears load on the other side of the teeth, you rev match close and itll click in
like, thats just how you drove cars 60 years ago
even with a clutch you had to synchronize

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but it it flat inside the gear?
so like a key
and i guess triangular profile helps it push back into spline or something
thats kinda nuts
seems like could be automated super easy
omg 420
thats such a goofy dog setup
im like, wait theres like no fucking space between the gears
are motorcycles like that?
just reg forks pushing dog rings?

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wait are there dog rings for the gears?
do not understand
in that little hub?
weird i guess i dont get how it engages a far one without the closer ones
oh i think i see that
all the load is on a little tooth on a bent flat spring?
that has 4 looks like?
okay i thought it was like one per gear this makes sense
thats what the selector is pushing around
and there is some center pin that pushes them out?

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its just machined?
wait what
fuckin lawnmowers
is there a fuckton of grease involved?
i was picturing like a giant screw boss 6" long
thats like, longer plus the grease gaps
thats so not attractive

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right opens everything up
even maintenance
its crumby at like, macro and micro levels
i guess car stuff they prob heat treat the shit like they know what theyre doing
seems like harder aluminum
oh huh
so theres probably a Si to QA reject ratio

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tho yeah i bet everything cancels out except some factor of the ratios
yup, i just mean figuring out the ratio
its diameter to area so my guess is theres a square
so what thats like 60% more?
right so its like a factor of 3
yeah but its not homogeneous
so theres another boundary you would have to consider, it would be less
6061 is fucking awesome
like, when i strip it or break it, i feel guilty like, sorry metal my bad
cast aluminum is the opposite

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honestly i think theres a decent amount of deflection
so it might be like double that
they just all worn out because old?
i remember when you were working on them it was like all the time
like, slow motion parts cannon
fix something just to wear out the next thing
have you ever worked on 80s honda scooters?
i want something way cheap, kinda reliable, for a 30 mile commute, for like maybe 6mo life
so i think maybe a scooter
i dunno, thats some math with pi and a bunch of thetas

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oh shit i didnt even see that i just lumped it into the stem
so that a neat mechanical art thing but i bet it sucks to ride
like driving a buss rith an upright steering wheel
big fat dragster rear wheel?
ya nice, fuck leaving that thing outside
right, hard tails
i wonder if it at least had telescoping fork
some of them have weird chopper suspension
like, that aint gonna do shit for anything except little bumps

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so like, i could use the normal skinny nuts or d flat nuts, and then mount the arch between the lock nuts and the dropouts, so like inside the frame
so like, i guess that works out
would need to be like 0.1" steel to fit the gap right
oh man fuck truing that
its for lowrider bikes
so yeah, maybe
tha ones reasonable
normal cruiser

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blackmoon: so thought it would be neat to rebuild hub with long axle to mount steel arch for platform
i just measured thats already what i have
because it uses really thick locknuts for the races

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haha vga
has an optical out

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shrug, i think thats what happened, like i didnt know the number so never called back
rab: ya, some of them had kids then
and right, close jungle bros, im not the social one, im the thinky one who wont go to house shows
haha, like every other group of friends, im the crazy one, junglists friends, im like the responsible one, watching out, gettin everyone home

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junglists usually not made of money
my fren says im an ass because i never kept in contact with brooklyn frens
ya =(
at least one apparently
im pretty bad about that stuff in general

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champi0n: what if you need the TV on the roof?
or the porch?
this is cool
jezus brooklyn loft
i bet that place is not like when i hung out there 10 years ago

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rab: that stem its like beautifully useless
also, those GMC denali bikes are a fucking joke
it has grip shifts by the stem, and normal road brakes, so you have to think way to much about wtf youre doing to ride it and you cant just hold the bike how you want
and the frame is bullshit, you can get them shifter perfect on the stand, then then you ride it and the indexing is all fucked
*shiting perfect
*and then
see this is what happens when i dont smoke weed in a couple weeks
if i had to move TV or hipsters all day, obsolutely
when you machine shit perfect you dont have to deburr
just wash with some scented hand soap
scented hand soap is my SOP for cleaning parts =\

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i think home depot is 6063?
and some is 6061, i think, like the round bars, not 100% on that
and im prob thinking lowes
anyway mcmaster calls 6063 architectural, and it seems a little softer
like, itll machine easier on tools but more likely to melt into your flutes
i dont know for sure, thats just the impression i get from working with it, its about as cheap as 6061
rab: right but you could still call it half sec or quarter sec cycles and design for long as time

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anyway, if i was going to hack something together from scratch, itd prob be like a .15" aluminum plate bolted to some aluminum pivot clamp onto seat tube
and then angle to the anxle or dropout accessory bolts
so maybe support would be aluminum angle and a bigass aluminum block across the wheel to other support
maybe bolt them together with a wheel axle
gonna make my bike 500 lbs =(
if im gonna fuck with steel i might as well just do a single bent piece
i wouldnt mind buying a tig but thats not really in the budget
i have a press
so i can bend steel, i suppose
so arch across rear wheel, heavy Al plate to pivot clamp on seat tube
yeah im not super worried about fatigue, i dont think this is going to end up being a long term thing
aluminum has a fatigue limit of zero
but 6061 can be designed to do tens of millions of cycles pretty reasonably
this is what i had to research for my ME design project

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yeah i wanted to try and avoid fucking with the crank
want to do motor to a sprocket on the brake mount and call it a day
most crank sets have integrated chainrings
i guess you can find bmx style 3 piece with square splines
rab: yeah fuck a battery on my steering bits
blackmoon: they make hub motors that would be same and less drama
i dont want the rotating mass
rab: haaaaaaaa
put a hub in your hub
weight is lower on that
holy shit $1000
in the sense that are probably a couple factories making them

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really dont want to fuck with hub motors
haha riding my bike without a backpack feels like fantasy shit
no not yet but i was going to either get those pretty standard scooter things, seem they come in like 500w to 1000w
like 4" wide
right im pretty much always close to home
so walking back would be an hour at most
what is jackshaft

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sculptor: fuuuuuck that
you know that shit gonna go off as soon as you hit a pothole
that could maybe work with some support boltes on
i have the panier version of that but it has a diff, heavier clamp, that doesnt really fit
it might actually fit perfect but i wouldnt be able to get to the mount screws
not the little bitch dropout nuts?
like, id have to find a new axle
right i dont want some sticking out by my knees and id rather not have the long chain run
the only drawback to the motor position is height of mass but i dont think itll be end of the world

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rab: do you have fav bike rack suggestion?
for to mount a motor
i almost scored one yesterday but came from a cruiser and was for skinnier dropout gap
marginally i think
unfortunately my frame is made to look sexy with the seatstays connecting 4" of seat tube, so clamping there is difficult
right i think i end up modifying the front frame mount bit if it ends up being ones with the twisted steel traps
but when mounted tight, they seem like theyll deal with some amount of power okay

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eh, its normal pump and dump, its not really a scam
its like, normal alt-coin shit, bad pr for eth, but sneks gonna snek
theres a few legit token ICO, and its actually a cool idea to get public companies away from stock markets
im not sure there were any legit 419 scams
heh, some guy in kentucky living in a mansion because of nigerian princes banking troubles
too many sockets!

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i got mine from newegg when they came out?
slightly on sale
def under $200, my sister got a pink one dunno what happened to it
701 was the very first one, with the little screen and huge bezel that didnt actually have speakers loaded
was drama to get windows xp on it, but it worked

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i loved that thing!
was awesome for movies on planes
worked well for notes, its about the footprint of a usable tablet, plus actual keyboard

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they finished products are not as good
theyre not bad, really, like theyre reasonably durable
but ive had zero issues with mainboards, two personal boards over 10+ years, and bunch of work builds
like, my eee 701 keyboard broke a contact bubble, the rotating screen on my eee tablet wore out
took like 8 years for the 701 to break

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asus or gtfo

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@ < Sculptor> send them one back

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