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who is the third mouse

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kevtris: organic composite conductors
i wonder why they put the styrafoam inside
maybe they are slowly smuggling an excess to america

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i press fit bearings into Al stem for my vented bolt mag angle sensor thing
and it was too tight and the bearings were unhappy, so i bandsaw sliced the part and now it spins smooth and also forever

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jero32: (*pnt).thing, no?
it saves two chars and doesnt look so ugly
structure specific dereference
*ptr.thing is a frustrating situation
. pwns *

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kostix: yeah but i would check what the hal function does

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if youre triggering an ISR for the first one and dont ack it i think normal operation is looping it
yeah, you have to do it in asm i dont know about c

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rab blackmoon : k so i can get these https://www.niagaracycle.com/categories/wheel-master-hub-axle-nuts-3-8-x-26-x-6mm-black
and then do an arch with steel or Al channel
like, prob up to an Al plate platform that goes to heavy pivot clamp to seat tube
heh, so its going to be lifting the axle up on one side of the dropout, pushing it down on the other

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yeah, ive never had problems with it

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yeah same excpt dial bezel and feet. last pump was same, with diff feet and bezel, GT branded
they are probably $4 from china
they work really well
yours didnt come with ball and floaty tips?
mine both came with little flip top box that clips onto the hose with adapters inside
how will you beachball!?
neat you have white face dial

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right so it was old hardware in ~2004 but you could still just pull ram out of anything and stick it in
last 10 years its like, if you dont upgrade ram within 2 or 3 years, everything switches over to new ddr spec and your shit cost 2x what it should
sculptor: i think i have that one, or had it
same pump, diff dial bezel
i bet the feets are diff too

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i mean
the only reason to own one is because they look cool and i owned one before
not even like its some legacy platform i bet windows 10 will install on it
no way
i had one loaded up with eithewr 64 or 128mb dimms
it was the shit before ddr ram

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old shit is $$$
pretty sure i had that
i wouldnt fuck with single proc old shit
ppro are sexy
horrible link
this guy has bought all of them

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