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pretty much
to eat and do rocks
prob meth actually
thats a stoner kid thing

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timecop: can you get pam8901 or pam8908?
mouser has them
kevtris: these are little headphone amps

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also fuck, marinara sauce and 99% alcohol didnt make it into shopping bag
but someone elses ice cream did

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omg where sculptor
rab: bum stole my bike light button and 18650
and hes like standing there with his bike looking nervous, when i look at him hes like, what?
then rides away, then rides back, then rides away
fuckin sick of this city
santa barbara had bum problems but at least you were literally at the beach

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17:55:23 <+jero32> timecop likes anime?
timecop is also confirmed opensorez hero

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AC : 120V TV-5
does that mean 5v coil relay? anyway it seems much worse vs the $1.50 and $4 digikey relays

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k so according to that, the songle shit is comparable, a little worse i think
blackmoon: k so flycutter is pretty neat but not way faster, neat finish even without radius on the cutter, also .02" corner radius endmill cuts smooth as shit, diff is cutty sounds is huge

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rab: looking, TE has drawings but no datasheet
oh bitch it made me download

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would depend where the SSR or relay came from
theyre like $40-$100/ea
looking for comparable datasheet

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better than wellers

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china particles and chinabugs
its sunday
are they special besides carefully prioritizing interrupting behavior, if not eliminating it?
champi0n: washing machine electronics are big
i think those songle relays are bit overrated

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china particles
all over jeros boards
its not completely unrational
it looks like flux or something
ive opened boxes with chinabugs inside

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asm isnt a ton diff than c in embedded
you do like this: instead of like this()
you dont have to fuck with build environments so much
in c you can you would just spend maybe 3-10x the time to prove it
this is assuming open libs
which, if youre doing something vs asm, is probably the case
c is more maintable, assuming the designer is competent in asm for the platform, thats the only huge benefit, you can make one act like the other

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17:15:59 <+jero32> my problem with arduinos is that often people will jsut plug a shield in and use a lib
if shit works and you can afford it
washing machine isnt audio, things not going very fast, is like perfect 8b in c project
you can prob do a washing machine with less than 3 arduino
i think the china relay module is the only scary part of that project

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yeah dont see stuff like that much anymore

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right i think a good controller should work for both
because its like, a motor and some valves
also you could dickstart a diy thing as implimentable in a 3rd world place
its annoyiing they get stuck on 1min remaining for a very long time
i pointed out to friend it says estimated time remaining
do all feedback with a measurement microphone
pair of them so you can cancel out external ambient

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enough do that industrial designers are now a working class that needs to be supported
because jorbs
rab: feel free to start your boutique washing machine business
like, the markets there if you want that to be your 24/7/365 struggle
give it a few years and prob enough cheap local labor to make it happen
rab: i have decided that a/v job is non pro because they did not set an audio streaming laptop to no sounds profile
cap touch is shit ergonomics

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well, its in everything
you engineer for a product lifespan
if your a big enough company, you have to account for costs through the entire product life cycle
rab: im saying suspect and intention and ethics aside, its going to happen in a competitive market with competent engineers
you overbuilt when you dont quite know what youre doing but the demand is such that it doesnt totally matter
sure but consumers dont want click dials
you would buy the shit
they would be selling to you at a loss and everyone else would be like, yo where is the bluetooth touchscreen
and the stockholders would be like, yo why you selling to this guy his shit gonna last forever hes useless to us this dont math

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right theyve spent the last 40 years taking money out of those
i dont think theres anything new
you cant really fake giant eccentric loaded thrust/rotation bearings
spring timers
like, the controllers are basically alaborately detentend and latching sprung knobs
a lot of that is just a side effect of digital controllers and higher efficiency drivetrains
i dont think it ever is
its not a product of a single person or companies intent
at this point, they prob just do what theyre used to doing to keep returns under some magical %
rab: because of the magnetics and steel?
jero32: i dont think its really a plan in most cases
its how shit plays out in a competitive market

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no jero that fire is real fire
rab: ikr
i feel like giant lazy susan bearing is issue
because if youre not gonna sideload, why even start
why not?
i dont understand what control has to do with it, side loaders work better with more clothes and less water
fuckin kids
im talking like, take some rectangular sealing tote container, and spinning it on its side
jero32: bearings are cheaper for something like that

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yeah that sounds neat
does he design with EDA?
or draws it someting that works with the plotter

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you need towards that kind of rigidity, if you wont want some maker trash that sways back and forth
like, the pcb specific machine are small because short z, but theyre not built light
like my thing can do between .008-.012 depending on how well its been maintained, mostly because its made to cut blocks of aluminum
8 to 12 mils
so .2 to .3 mm
3 or 4 RCH

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alternative would have been like, $200 to wait an extra day for a single 1x2" board
cut an aluminum panel to mount the pcb with same machine
that said, you need an actual CNC machinist to make all this shit possible
or pcb specific machine, in which case your boards will be sex
actually, you need a decent machine
for typical, non-toolmakers machine, its like the well maintained edge of performance
i mean kind of
if youre talking general purpose cnc

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also all these places did multiple production prototype runs
not just pcb, full products
theyre $$$, and you have to test shit before you throw it at a factory
if i have to rework half the mixer, so they can do a clean proto run, it happens
right and i said its appriate in some situations and youre statement was something like its obsolete
solderless breadboards still happen and theyre trash
and right, youre sitting on the porch, drinking bears with your homie
ha bears
and hes like, hey i have this idea for a circuit for this thing at work can you cut it?
so i unfold a cnc in his garage, and we scribble some shit in eagle, set the machine to go, we drink some more beer, he gets to go to work with solution

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like, i want a strobe controller? tomorrow morning? machined pcb or perf
cutting section of pcb out, perfboard w/ deadbug wiring, machining
of the fast prototyping methods, cutting boards is one of the cleanest
eh youre paying for marketing and hype
they get a lot of shit custom made for them, arguably it decreases dev time and cost
they do blow a lot of money on test and qa, which is nice
anyway, in a dev environment, rework and hacks and perfboard happen a lot compared to new pcb spins
make the circuit in air, SMD deadbug
stick parts onto some kapton tape
costs money, time

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when you feel like it is done and you are almost sick of it, you have to give it the look
for machined boards? yes
in the age of hooking modules together and low parts count IC?
my lead times are like, 3 hours
my costs is prob couple dollars
bought a stack of double side boards ages ago
jero32: fast prototypes
im making shit right now, not in 2 weeks
for $$$
you can get overnight for $$$
i used to order this shit all the time for job places
but if we wanted boards now, machined them

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windmills shooting lasers, trailing fire
the fire can trail the laser beams or the windmill
how did they not end up in the topic
im not going to go through scroll make some effort
so much china particles

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has to vectorize it
sure, its basically rows of pixels
couldnt pick something with like robots or spaceships or racecars?

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