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omg all tappy holes tapped

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seems like would be a huge power saving for road signs
gas station signs vs LED
guys you can make a robottas http://global.epson.com/company/sports/formula_one/assets/download/pdf/77_1110e.pdf

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prob sounds cool

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kevtris: how long are the charge pulses?

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shit has a serial number
yeah makes sense
cuts at very least gonna leave sharp angles, stress risers, and probably leave micro cracks
maybe is a part no, 30430

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i just did a couple spins with a bigger drill after
deep holes, tho
i tapped 0.5" through hole and shit went prety easy whole way
me gusta
yeah is not perfect
but i just drive a screw in tight and it usually take care of start burr
i got mil spec stainless nylock nut, because single was cheaper than buying pack of something

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def most awesome 6061 tapping experience ive had
very nice
did you ever do that with cutting taps?
this 8-32 so not so bad

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i just used the drill mcmaster says and shit worked awesome

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blackmoon: omg form tap so sexy
its like driving a snug screw, absolutely no sticking, so way less twist and rebound

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jero32: why are you looking at text output
and yeh you can add functions in the plot interface
use cursors

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woooo, 1" deep 1/4-20 blind tap completed w/o scrapping part

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omg bull nose endmill so sexy
shiny toolmarks you can see but cant really feel
also fusion360 path generator on peyote or something

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