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damn lost them
i think this means time for sleep
holy shit my front door is steel

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holy fuck i thought it was going to kill me, but instead it stood the beam up and stopped
damn, waited 10 min w/ 5min set epoxy, still slammed hard enough to knock them off

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k neat i can estop over ssh
limits dont matter if it knocks it magnets off

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but what about data logging
k i charge all the things and hack death spinny more tomorrow
at least an ssh estop

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it spins itself to keep the beam upright
it worked for a bit!
but then it slammed into the ground hard enough that it sheared the double stick tape i used for the magnets
jezus fuck this thing is scary
got near it with the magnet and it starts chasing me
have to flip magnet other way and stab towards it with it

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weird limit works in one direction

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blackmoon: did you see my spinny mini-death machine?!

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easily the most pointless shit ive ever made
least i know it can go pretty fast and no disintegrate
pretty sure i still have the /2 before i load pwm reg

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it would be spinning to fast to hit it
sec i put pic
i was going to do something with IR detectors
and i put an estop signal between the pi and the uC board so i could stop from the pi
but id have to like, code shit
kevtris: https://imgur.com/a/IVE7O
it started hopping towards the door so i just fucking grab it and the weight unscrewed from the hub
before i added the limit code, which obviously doesnt work, it was doing P controller around the target point decent
i added limit code after putting base back on so i was like, whatever fuckit

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omg that was scary
i didnt know how to stop it from spinning
so i just grabbed it, and luckily it was spinning in the direction that unscrewed the hub from its weight
it almost destroyed itself =(

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added code to zero out motor pwm when beam falls 45 degrees from up, still scared to turn this shit on while attached to its base

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sculptor: congrats! i still have two hours before the magical times
omg too much kp

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fuckin brownout scrambled my tv

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that is possibly joe llamas greatest quit message

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dropped it down to 7b and resolution and TDC is ? or @, so i guessed right at magnet poles
readerr: flyback seems to know the status and material of this persons penis
or flyback has been huffing the computer cleaner again
feels like hes walking on sunshine

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data is dataing for inverted pendulum, feedback is required because mfkr tissue dispenser operator is fast on the switch like a sloth
electromechanically, dispenser is top shit!
also yea for inverted pendulum, dual ball bearing beam setup, i cant keep it up by hand
and i cant even find a balance point
press fitting slsightly failed
i think because i double D flated the stem part so easy to hold when machining bottom
so was prob squeezing bearing elliptical
sliced with bandsaw and shi works excellent, doesnt seem to need a screw clamp

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w00t angle data is dataing
rab: due to skill level of operator, feedback is required

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yeah even at like 300khz clock, i get sharp edge to 3v and then soft log ramp to 5V at the falling edge
input to the level shifter is square as fuck
its either that, or this shit dont like CS tied low

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yeah i think spi on the stm32 is working, it says its getting back FFFFFF

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hmm fuck this level converter is really shit
5V on the HV pin, signals come out under 4v, with almost a volt of ramp when it should be steady high
can see spi on scope, just nothing coming out of angle sensor IC, but its not dead because it has like, freq modulated outputs that react to magnet
mfck why i gotta make this shit, that was the whole point of spending money

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