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blackmoon: omg that would be so mean
def worth running away forever over

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what bike?
guys remember i bought a little bmx pushbike for frens kid?
he grew into it, holy shit kids should not be allowed to go that fast is like jeus fuck kid how did you flintstones into this situation?
he is like not even 3ft tall

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and then it looks like they have 22R in series with the programming header, kill a bit of ringing on the line
i dont see anything else connected to nrst
yeah 1k in series and .1uF is like 1600hz LPF knee
that seems like too much
and is a bit low for a pullup

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its 10k isnt it?
on this discovery board, its 0.1uF to gnd, and they didnt populate the pullup
switch is parallel to cap

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jero32: assemblers are cheap
those modules are about a 30sec soldering job

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i have to tune it and record performance and try and do a transfer function for it
so have to do data logging on the pi side, and then i do some response curves with gnuplot or something
and would be neat if i could get uart from the pi working to update pid parameters on the fly

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this is my final, i dont have to do exam
so maybe i pass class, im not very good at the differential equations part of it, and my notes sheet was all wrong for last exam =\
i feel like only reason i passed ME design with a C was because he like my pump and the fatigue stress paper i did about it
heh, he asked for pump to show other class a month ago, hasnt given it back

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woooo, WIP demo was great success
only one other person presented his project so teacher used mine to tell all the mech engineers to learn electronics or they not gonna ever get futurejobs
work in progress
i got it to wiggle the beam upright for a few sec, then it chase its tail then it slam the beam on the ground
and proved it was scary and dangerous and the pi estop actually worked

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yeah but thats like, story of integration since the 60s
fallout universe was pretty shit at miniaturization
and look how they turned out
water chip was like size of a cereal box
i dont think you should do that
unless you glued it down, which is not a bad idea
all the pins are on the same line and no grounds on the side
going to rip up the pads
well keep trying you wont be surprised

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tilt shift it to make it look exra small
jero32: needs some rework
like, cut some traces, add some functionality w/ dead bugged SMD circuit on top of the IC
i miss real world work
ive done much rework on my project, w/ more planned!
eh, i am okay and i know how to read datasheets
timecop prob has most experience, rab has also done a bunch
shrug, maybe, just use the datasheet circuit
working is easy, decent immunity to intermittent interference is super important tho
avoid looking stupid in a month by putting resistor now
i think theres a cap, too?
heh, professor is like, yo someone show up with your project on friday i dont want to lecture

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theres never many of those
damn, thing unscrewed the hub again
gonna need more fender washer

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like, think i helped get school IEEE club out of parts kit purchasing because i made it pretty clear school club was ripping kids off
they were selling them for $20, i emailed class like, yo these are like $17 shipped from digikey, i bought 4 for under $30 shipped ill sell the other three at costs
for $200/mo its maybe worth to trye

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what is a mini store?
where do you live?
you need to live in a big city that doesnty have a Fry's or college city
that might work
nice you guys got a technical community college
anyway i think if you talk to all the local educator types, get an idea for what type of projects they are doing and what they want you to stock, and advertise in similar places, could maybe work
but probably not
you would need to sell at low margins to beat internet + shipping costs

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On 28 June 2016 Nokia demonstrated for the first time ever a 5G-ready network.[96] In February 2017 Nokia carried out a 5G connection in Oulu, Finland using the 5GTF standard, backed by Verizon, on Intel architecture-based equipment.[97]
On 5 July 2017, Nokia and Xiaomi announced that they have signed a business collaboration agreement and a multi-year patent agreement, including a cross license to each company's cellular standard essential patents.
so maybe they hope to ride the next smartphone network standard w/ android hardware companies help
so scary, using just P controller, i need to give it MOAR power
motor disable from ssh def makes it less scary

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i had to divide out 5 bits of pwm
and im still only using Kp values of like 10
little motor is pretty cool, maybe try on bike
12:59:15 < nardil> anyone know if nokia is still in business?
its like they are asleep or something, pretty sure they are still a thing
i bet they still get a lot of bulk deals for non smartphones

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rab: would prob also work, i think i have some 1/2" adhesive stuff someplace
but kapton + aluminum looks like satellite, which is neat
damn wonder how long to setup pi as wap
then i dont have to drag router to school
so if i throw the beam up, itll catch it, and then follow it slow but its not enough so it falls
and its reaction is to go faster in the direction its falling
so it like stabs at you, then stops once it hits 45deg past TDC, which slams the beam into the tiles, making loud bang (which was shearing the magnets off)
k kapton seems like success

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jezus fuck, 8 hours of curing, i drop aluminum bracket on ground twice and magnets sheer off
this glue is the wrong glue
fuckit i use kapton tape

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sculptor: next week is turkey vacation!
i maybe bus or train to home, but probably i just stay here and code the thing
rab: right, no triathalons
those mfkrs gonna get ate by sharks anyway

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sculptor: yes!

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