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its not so bad now with the longer screws in the motor platform, everything tight w/ loctite
like, i could maybe program it so it resets I at TDC
and then a dead zone

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because the gearbox has a few degrees a slack, and it just sits there ping ponging it back and forth
also i should prob put some mass on the end of the beam to slow it down
get a tennis ball so its less deadly
its like, smacking the edge of the beam hard enough the aluminum is slowly pounding itself into a point
yeah but this a cheap project, its doing pretty good considering
if i had $$$, something with tight timing belt gears would be cool
then the reversals wouldnt matter so much
one set of pid parameters, it actually felt damped and was mostly upright
but yeah shit was spazzing out

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yeah maybe
i dont want to do that
this seems to be a typical issue with the normal hal uart rx function
but there is also interrupt and dma versions of the function, which seems to be normal solution
right thats basically what the HAL_UART.._IT and HAL_UART.._DMA functions work
its also how the normal one works but i guess if you interrupt it misses timeout ticks or something
and/or rx bytes get clobbered
who knows maybe something stupid
i maybe have to hard code some pwm disable when its like +/- some angle from target

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for some reason only 1st byte of uart rx is happening
fuck hal
i think it fucks up and misses shit if interrupted by an interrupt
and i have a 256hz sample loop
always gets the 1st byte okay
going to try and do it with dma shit, because i wanted to learn that anyway
but like, as is i can put the pid parameters in firmware and spray a terminal with runtime data
which is fine, i can just set terminal to log, then i can get plots and figure out transfer functions

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so neat my inverted pendulum is inverting
my shit like the d but too much and it starts having junkie shakes
like, the pwm leds on the h bridge are lighting up in both directions at once
little gear box is like fuuuuuu<pop>uuuuuuuuuu<clicklick>uuuuuu

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no i think he is
civilian ones at least
theyre both pretty good at it i may be wrong
maybe both
trump wins at hate crimes i think
bitch youre gonna get a wall
didnt you see the drone vid from way above it?
they put a nice cam on a drone and flew it right over the wall prototypes so everyone could see how unpassable they were
fucking idiots

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its really good
that whole album is good
The white folks think they're at the top, ask any proud white male
A million years of evolution, we get Danny Quayle
i really loved that line
secret service set him up

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i will concede he is a product of los angeles media culture
got he would be even creepier
assume zero molestation, that guy had issues
no therapist has anything to reference
its very likely he was drugged when he did shit
yeah i dont know, dont want to know details
that family is all sorts of messed up, everything 'known' is what they say about each other
he had groupies and sang love songs, was maybe 7 or 8?

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rab: bowie jagger statement?
rab: or weird with kids because got molested?
i dont think he had bad intentions, was kind of the problem
people had more trust in him than typical people

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what is randroid
rab: that album is really good
well yeah
hes a bit young republican
tad preachy
my brother loves the shit out of them
^best late boingo song
hard to listen to good
yeah whatever fuck michael jackson
and i hate watching bowie wiggle his ass with muppets in labyrinth
but watching him shake his ass with mick jagger is great
im pretty sure he got molested and did weird shit to kids

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yeah ween is post punk, post hair
ween fans are usually cool people
naw, millions
rab: omg you have gg germs
shrug, its like oingo boingo
rab: does he still like gg allin?
last album and their last show are ++#1
it pairs up nice with only a lad

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i dunno maybe because i had seen something as a kid
uncle was super into them
that was kind of the point of the sex pistols
like, gotta be offensive on all fronts, gotta have offensive band mate
well sure but being a tool works
right, and the sex pistols is basically 14 year olds
rotten is interesting
but like, i <3 the clash
the clash could have learned every sex pistols song in a couple hours
does not work the other way
rotten is smart
or it turned him smart
maybe jero would like gg allin
naw i was right

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yeah i wasnt gonna go that far
but the freddy mercury sid viscious thing was kind of funny
gif is legit history

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hmm wat
i did lastlog xvw i should not have done that

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omg we has 2 way uart com

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harbor freight did wtc confirmed

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