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blackmoon: its underrange for my fluke
lowest range is 1000nF tho

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tubaman: its def old
im guessing 70s or 80s
from some grab bag of surplus cheap caps, so pF ceramics and low uF electrolytics

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blackmoon: aksi as a kid i used to slowly roll the ignitor on a sheet of paper to grind off flint dust
make a little flint pile, light the top

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its a ceramic through hole cap, theres almost nothing to get fucked
its prob just a lead welded to some metal disc dipped in epoxy
yeah maybe not ceramic, shrug
i couldnt figure out if it was like a bad solder joint or broken kynar, would stop flickering if i pressed on shit
but i guess i was just being a capacitor

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or maybe muF, so nF
old caps are stupid
doesnt even show up on a fluke so probably means micro micro farads
or maybe it is just pf and some code
anyway it fixed the clock, my leds stop flickering

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and theyre usually like 1/4" long
ive been getting these, they have replacable flint and are refillable
since i only smoke a couple packs a year now, and mostly i dab or vape herb, i dont use lighters so much
weird to be outdoors without one
blackmoon: what does 20M on an old cap mean?
uuF? so pf?

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blackmoon: i actually have the IR pairs to do a light detector estop
and yeah, ive thought making an estop based on the integral
or i can integrate the pwm
but its pretty okay with the pi control

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