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sculptor: it tries to like backspin stab peoples
is not a very social robot

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also with base off, pendulum acts like giant speed control lever

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zigthats so many moneys
also zigler nichols methods seems to work

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can run pid thing at 1024 hz instead of 256 hz
gearbox is pretty fucked

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guys i have reduced log packet from 25 to 4 bytes \o/

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k so my pwm freq and sampling rate seems to have converged
and im like, oh i can put the pid control into the pwm timer isr
but then im going to end up waiting like almost entire period before pwm update
so its like, shit got twice as fast but somehow not at all
but maybe i can chain the current timer off the pwm timer
and then like, sync the pwm update

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the volume and power keys were stuck onto non standard gpio or some shit
so you couldnt boot into recovery
someone blogged about it, the normal button positions are unpopulated and theres no buttons in the case there
anyway i gave it back
but that shit runs windows
tho 4gb ram 64gb random flash, almost useless

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k i try and cut packet in half then i can double sample rate without upping uart anymore
that looks kind of cool
i almost bought one from a engineer guy who goes to china a lot

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that emitter cap seems assymetric as fuck
on base upswing, that cap gonna cause signal to pull harder on the base
increasing base current
but on down swing it maybe reverse biases the Vbe drop
which would kill base current completely

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it doesnt work without dc offset
no for ac signals
*not for

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jero32: depends on circuit config
jero32: what like class-a?
feedback comes from the ratio of resistors
its a negative feedback loop
i dont think you understand
which is negative feedback
sure but mathematically its negative feedback
and you can get pretty accurate gain with it
its negative feedback and the explanation is being snarky

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i wonder if i can put the uart much faster
upping sample rate def seemed to smooth shit out
or i have to cut packets out of the logging data
right now i just send all vars same as status request, but for plots i only need a couple

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mfkn bitch
spinny death stabbed me a little bit

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says the guy who cant get pours to work in eagle
prof says i can reset integral at TDC
eggsalad: boop.
you can change that
pretty sure its in DRC

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i think if i reset Ki at top dead center itll actually be usable
should ask prof if thats cool
and i think the only way to keep it from rotating would be to do some sort of integrator that trims the target angle

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you probably shouldnt say that in an interview

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rab: weird i bet that changes dominant freq w/ duty cycle

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rgb scope lamp sounds neat
i need lamp
so my project is mostly done but my motor gearbox is also

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w00t, spinny death now serves gnuplot pngs along w/ text data after logging session

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