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kevtris: neat
sot23s gonna get you

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holy shit
the gearbox is now bleeding machine oil from the seem where it attaches to the motor
but it can stay up indefinitely now besides the clicky gearbox
i should get data soon

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body plot of freq response is final project bonus, 60%

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oh thats sexy
holy shit

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daaamn that was spendy, but ya dont feel ripped off for a one off
big smd tax, shits 5v too which is drama
ham: you can do that with linear motors
thats basically what im doing now
like, we do some pids and get some plots, and use shit like overshoot and rise time and oscillation period to make 2nd order models
then from that you can work out the spring/mass/damping of the system
ham: theyre probably shielded neo
my guess its neo in steel cups or something

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hey so this little akm 12b magnetic angle sensor is pretty cool
like i havent done shit except send it angle req packets over spi, 3B of shifts, havent had to fuck with any cmd regs or eeprom shit, 1024hz, shit just works

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not in stock

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with this spinny death can use the D better

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i wonder if the airfoiled plastic columns are for antenna or to rigidly mount the top sensors

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tho i want to pretend like they are mini rockets
CFD is expensive so its use limited by the reg
its kind of sad they limit research because big teams keep vetoing budget caps
anyway, they do a lot of testing to corellate models to actual conditions
wind tunnel testing is the same, limited by regulations, so theres motivation to research aero on track test days
track test days are also limited (because michael schumacher lived at furiano) so they dont fuck around
the ferrari track

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look at all the kapton tape
so much sexy

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