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vape thing, still works

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i can do it in c++? i think so
kevtris could be dropped into a jungle and hed figure out how to turn it into a computer
dropped my rx200, exploded into 6 pieces, fuuu
you have to extend the species
or something

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like the input to the functions is bitmaps
so inside the program they are passing pointers to little block pictures
i am not a huge fan of their control graphics either
shit is fucking fisher price
this one guy at school, another older guy, he would fucking make beautiful UI and block diagrams from it
its a career app
i imagine once you get used to it its fun like pixel art
but fuuuuuuuuuuu @ casual use
sure i guess i dont really know how to visual studio
like i imagine you throw buttons and text bookes on a thing and fill in callback functions
text bookes wtf
i miss them

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jero32: matlab is pretty much an ide that just plays with itself
labview should be fucking illegal
seriously someone should file a lawsuit
i did
i needed to generate some images and data for a final report
and the shit threw up some license error
like, my trial was expired or some shit
so i put some line about the prioprietary software wouldnt let me use it anymore
how can a program in the 21st century not have fucking zoom
no its just pixel mapped
dpi awareness would be earth shattering at NI
not only zoom, but ZOOM AUTOMATIC!?!@#$%
its really really bad
maybe it works by reading the pixels

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so this matlab contol system designer shit is kind of cool
makes plots, optimizes all the pids

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this stm32disco has accelerometers
or maybe just gyro
i could linearize the motor!

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ya no clicks with the moved washer, more damping in the motor, the motor works maybe 2x harder, but it can still keep beam up and occasionaly stands it up
i messaged shop i got it from like, yo datasheet says metal but its nylon, pls2overnight another motor so i can build one with full metal gears, or refund money, or something

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