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out of butter
breakfast is ruint

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maybe to eat?

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we can help more if you post information about what you want to do
like link to equipment manual or datasheet
and give us some more information about the type of psu you mean
like is it from batteries or you plug it in, is it a little plastic box or big metal thing with lots of vents
what kind
also i am about to go back to sleep
wtf 8am ethics class
i feel like this whole class could be summarized as 'dont be a dick, dont lie'

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nardil: need way more information
like on some psu you change a resistor or turn a pot, other types would require a new transformer
and in all cases you might be exceeding the limits of the other components
also power requirements for cb radio could be anything
because i know handheld shit works but i also knowpeople mount towers on their houses
anyway, psu stuff can burn your house down so if you are not sure its prob best to buy the right psu
well a decent psu could mean 1.8v at 0.5A at 95% efficiency

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seems to be cool with PNG

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yeah is just audio levels max'd on both tracks, neat fixed

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unf, clipping audio or something
but still pretty good

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rab: mixes video and audio clips in preview, shit works
prob gonna blow up the pc when i hit export or some shit

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rab: it does not like the flac file
likes mp3

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gonna get like that here

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k so now i just have to get to your place
which is prob 200 mile of twisty roads
no after that
and i love twisty roads but i prob wouldnt be driving
zipcars arent allowed that far from home
eh they just track the shit and put it on my card
oh no shit?
thats prob like $20
because train station is like a block from me
i dunno im guessing
$20 each way sounds more realistic
i can prob get embedded study buddy to take me

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awful wheels
like, mfkr wipe off the wheels at least before you take the pics
yes exactly
looks pretty straight, original paint has be protected by a nice layer of oxidation

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is this a china knockoff of honda mini trail bike?
like some time capsule shit

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so yeah honda elite or crx/civic/accord seem to budget options, and i guess its rain comfort/safety vs ease of maintanence
the elite would be easier/cheaper to turn into a controls project
looks like a go-kart outlaw?
thats almost two NA miatas
the china option https://chico.craigslist.org/mcy/d/znen-2014-scooter-need-to-be/6390212325.html

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there are 80s supras still
supras and accords seem to be most of whats left
this would be interesting regional data
i think sub $1k 240/740 would be work
neighbor smashed his gen4 accord
a little in the front
im afraid of an mr2, rain, 100mpg stretches of highway liined with ditches
i mean i know i dont have to go that fast but its an mr2, its going to want to try

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d0gzpaw has cars i can buy
d0gzpaw: status of functional honda things in your yard
golden era honda + set of mounted falken tires = $1000
ive never ridden motorcycle or scooter in rain
so thats more points for 80s things
i could get a 924/928
actually thats more of a $1500 car
i think sub $1k gen1 Z have all turned to dust

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but in the under $1k category, i think there are usable late 80s civics/accords, and scooters
either new china scooter, or 20 year old nipponese scooter
and i think a gen 2 crx or gen 4 accord would be a lot more work than a scooter
just because more parts
its hard to wrench on a car in an apartment with a dirt parking lot, so scooter or motorcycle gets maintenance points
very good point

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normal farm highways
im 220lbs
yeah i bet putting anything into the suspension and shit just floats
so like, vs a late 80s civic/accord, elite is 2x mpg
pretty sure parts are not a problem
because i dont want a dirtbike and i think anything else usable will be considerably more
i dont want a project
so im guessing a decent bike is around $2k
which is like, why not just buy a miata NA

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so looks like honda elite can do 30 mi round trip if its actually doing expected mpg
but i want to go to a racetrack so not like topping up gas will be problem
there is a windows handbrake
rab: i cant afford a grom
i cant even afford a ruckus
and i dont want a dirtbike
like, divided highway, no?
i can take it on two lan, no?
like, im going down a little street that turns into a little highway that crosses sac river, then long straight roads between farms until racetrack
i think these things are 50mph legally? im used to doing 80-100mph on them, but there are intersections without signals
so like, everybody gotta watch out

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good i need to learn to hack the python
so far my python experience is like, try random shit like its c without brackets
pretty much always works
rab: right but if it works well i could poke around at code
python for big realtime project is prob neat
rab: do you know about scooters?
like, i wonder if 30mi commute on scooter is doable
cool i can deal with that
avidemux still works for transcoding, still kinda sucks for everything else
what i was using to make clips imgur was happy with

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oh i think virtual dub
the only thing i dont like about blender is that it framedrops like a mfkr as soon as it dumps its vid cache
so like, 8GB of vid cache on 1080 phone vids, and it can only do maybe a minute before it goes from 30fps to 4
like, if i make the playback window small its better
i dont know if this is normal for a video editor or not
rab: right but it goes slow even in 1/4 area windows
look gnuhipster trash, i try it

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i remember using it and half the shit needed to be done in avidemux
and dead for almost 4 years
can it do editing well?
i remember mostly it was good at processing and encoding
i think i should try in blender just to get experience with the UI
because i can prob do lots of cool stuff with it later
its probably the best option for solidworks rendering
wait 20 years for virtual dub or blender?

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it still seems to be the best options
its definitely working, seems slow as fuck and the video cache method is annoying, but blender UI is weird, so im learning curved
and im only using linux on the pi
project control is ssh to pi -> linux c app -> uart to stm32
prob windows
linux would take a bit of work but i wouldnt be against it
as for blending more advanced stuff, pretty sure i gave up at using it for 3d rendering solidworks models
again because UI was abrasive
it doesnt seem like a bad UI but my UI intuition is def tuned for other things
if it still exists i hope its gotten better

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guys spinny death final demo went excellent
kids says i should make a video, prof is like yeah hes making a video (!?)
so i guess im making a video
blender seems to be the winning open source option for this?

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omg so hard not to put 'like such as' in the presentation ppt
i did put better outcomes are better

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