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asbestos mounting threads

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wtf radioactive

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what with glue?
what is this for?
what do you have a kerosene tank for
but like
dont you have electricity?
k i dunno because wtf kerosene
all my socal apartment had nat gas heaters
used em like 2 weeks a year, smelled like burned dust for 10 days
wait no one had a fake electric fireplace i was afraid to turn on
right see i only know about propane bottles and those fabric mantles

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macgyver0: my bluetooth earbuds have nfc
so like, i turn them on and put them in pairing mod, and rub my neck with my phone, and it pairs

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in japan they just use an M50 thread
wtf lube the threads, if they were perfect enough to seal every time they wouldnt need lube
blackmoon: ikr

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cant put out water fire with water, yo
very danger

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what if there was a steam outage!

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why are there fire extinguishers then?

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thats home =\
itll be okay
it comes back greener
that area hasnt burned in forever
we getting good at putting fires out, so they get bigger because more fuel available
what like street lights?
shrug, thats what most of LA is like
this is like, state park land
those dont catch fire?

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was just a little board with a chip
theirs was def faster
rab: im actually more raged over the ethics class
and the economics class that conveniently skipped the failure analysis part

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rab: focus is kind of post war effect on society
like, tech and lit class from the 70s or something
rab: electric requirements are extremely specific here
you need global cultures elective, us diversity elective, electives from like 4 lib arts type categories, two writing intensive electives, then electives are categorized into like, specializations
so for a specialization, or whatever its called, mine is like tech and society or something, there are only one or two classes to meet multiple requirements
and you have to meet multiple requirements to grad on time with mechatronic degree, and we are already given some exceptions for electives
trade of is we dont really get tech electives
pretty sure their sensor was something like that

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lots of kids using ultrasound sensors for project
one group made like a diving board with a laser range thing on one side, and an RC servo at the other end to change diving board angle
and it would balance a ball bearing at a distance
big ball bearing

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movies like last picture show

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guys i skipped technology in literature coarse
teacher is awesome but we are reading like, beat era hipster shit and watching old movies
no outer space, no cyberpunk, no moral issues because robot

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