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no way they were both ready!
roo got clocked fair
he know it

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or punched him in the back of the head!
tho kangaroo kind of seemed like 'im not even mad, im impressed'

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damn that guy got balls, turned his back on a kangaroo

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yeah probably not
so ya, charlieplexed the eeprom
go china
timecop: did they try and multipurpose the SDA pin?
kevtris: they might have already had a bin of 10 billion
right so if it can be done i want to see it
i mean, peripheral doesnt count as mcu
but right, half implimentation or something would fit the scene
i dont think that is appropriate at this moment in culture
oh i seen this its good!

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i wonder if drive is low always when port pins are not active
rab: led1 hiz, led2 hiz, drive hi
would be red led on for suspend
when for non active, no port activity, led1 hiz, led2 hiz, drive low
so to indicate activity on port 3 or 4, you would have to drive the leds as expected, drive low, then drive all pins high
to blink the red led but keep port 1 and 2 off
right so it prob eeprom flickers for a second if that
and it might just look like normal suspend led
power on red blink wouldnt be something that seems out of place

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maybe suspend is off?
i was assuming that indicating suspend would just be off
i mean, cheap chinese shit who knows
timecop: status of LED when actually suspended
kevtris: maybe they are charlieplexed
so they just hiz them in suspend
yeah that makes sense
right i think it does
im saying if its on in suspend
they could just put it high and put the port pins hiz

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wtf @ led routing
21:41:18 <+kevtris> not sure how they prevent the active/suspend led lighting up though
right i think the idea is while driving the fucking port leds the active LED is at half duty

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sure but its not the right way to be a happy mouth

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timecop: in wtf reality is D; a smiley face?
anyway screw terminal grounding sounds more reliable than friction contact grounds

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timecop: is it a screw terminal or just some sort of clamp?

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the CAD UI is very bad

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kind of but its free and works very well
pspice looks prettier, has more probing options, but doesnt work as much for me before turning to a slug

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the extensions dont matter
the order of the nets do
jero32: http://eecs.oregonstate.edu/education/docs/tutorials/Simulating%20an%20op%20amp.pdf
oh they dont even add a model in this wtf
you put the file in the same directory, .mod FILENAME or .include FILENAME, both work with some diff in details, then you name the part after the part in the model file which is usually also the name of the model file

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then you are not that half the time
you do not make all the schematic!

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like i guess they had a 3/4 circle stencil for those
i do what i want
tho i usually do half circle bump indusctors and box resistors
but thats looks like decent way to coils with circles
anyway, non drafted, hand done schematics, zags and coil inductors suck
half the time they look the same
because both are effectively squiggles

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shrug, two stencils on his desk
shrug, thats like doing schematics in acad
rab: what is that symbol by the pot?
is that a knob?
oh like trimpot, ya maybe
their inductors are really pretty

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their EU and US caps suck

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also fuck zag resistors
resistors should look like resistorsm not spiky inductors!

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i wont use eagle parts
the diff in default line thickness versus schematic wire thickness is unacceptable

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smash = win
i dont even put value designators on my parts

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fuck 8 am classes
glad thats done forever
thats not some sort of kerosene specific pumper?
jero32: check your gerbers
obviously if your pcb doesnt have them
names values and outlines are one diff layers
rab: he used all the teflon tape it might be fine

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timecop: impressive adapter train

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