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aw man
we got trash pandas now im afraid of going to the store

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yeah thats a weird one

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timecop: ya dis good
can do it

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timecop: https://i.imgur.com/7MU3SDH.jpg
wtf timecop is your other image editor snapchat
no from pixlr i fuckin turned flash on
it doesnt have layers w/ overlay mode filters
photoshop thing
like if you set it to darken only it will only darken the layers underneat
so on a white bg its like, cat the images
or you make the bottom one normal mode
oh nm im using express

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pixlr wants flash
flash is dead timecop
what is this obsolete trash

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timecop: what do you use
how would you overlay 10 plots
does it have layer filters?
thats darken only
have you used draw.io?
naw is pretty good
block diagrams and flowcharts and shit
my shit worked
maybe you pal sucks at things
carrot champ

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why the fuck is gimps window integration so shit
dont answer that
fuck you timecop

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didnt they make super beetles until like 15 years ago?
in mexico

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macgyver0: yeah in fact im going to do a dead pendulum freq response test next
using bacon sim tech
(dds synthesis to pwm)

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impulse testing almost almost complet0red

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fuck ya three impulse plots, all look same

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mclaren senna

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1 sample period impulse does NUTTING
okat fuck i will twy 10 and then 100

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with $700 you could buy three TV
and keep two in a box
and maybe get 20 years
budget tv are like $150-300

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anyone use these? need bum proof screws
they got cool security button screw with assymetric center pin sockets, but theyre like $2/ea and $20 driver bit
i feel like bums could hack this
i think center pin torx too common

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rab: also motorcycles expensive as fuck here
is all farmland, so long straight roads and few cops
like i have to drive like 30 miles into the sierras before the highway turns
tho bits after that pretty cool, decent surface, medium twisties and then long straight bits with lots of vision

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haha @ trex like a giant chicken

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blackmoon: yeah fuzzy dinosaurs confirmed
jurassic park 2022

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i am not zoomed in it looks like a 4.7R mexican sand resistor
its funny how its shorter than the footprint
jero32: i know, its a mexican sand resistor looking cap
no the soic is 4 pins shorter than the footprint

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kevtris: did your dos app do curves?
kevtris was using software from like 100 years ago
the dos looking eda software
with the eagle stint in between
what was the bigass resistor for in the snes cart

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but the style is from hand taped pcb, and the reason was early etching processes
remember when i said your pcb isnt done until it has the look?
that is the look
also fast digital is effectively RF
you measure frequency in sine waves
the slew rate of a digital edge is equivalent to like GHz sine waves
and then its almost DC for a bit
so you can radiate at much lower square wave frequencies than sine wave
thats why you see a lot of unpopulated and 0R jumpered RC high pass filters on boards, sometimes your shit is too fast and you get fucked

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i dunno i seen that a lot
also note teardropped vias
like, that style of routing predates digital PCB desgn
and its likely that early eda programs didnt even do curves and teardrops unless $$$ or tons of manual work
60s/70s/80s hand drawn boards are all curvy
shrug, i could do that
they just kept consistent radius values
like, if you route it curved corner mode in eagle, it just comes out like that
thats an eda app
thats maybe some of the most expensive software available in combination with some of the best manufacturing engineers in the world

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jero32: inside corners without radius are more likely to cause etching issues
its matbe not so much an issue with modern fabs, but its the biggest reason besides RF that 90 turns are usually avoided
so something happened to them in 1984, and now they know better and its just what they do, and youd be a sorry looking engineer at nintendo if you didnt radius and there was measurable more pcb fab fallout because of it
prob got a bunch of bowsers for manufacturing engineers

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