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libreoffice, ya

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gnuplot is cool
i like that its easy to push with c
i dont even fuck with the lib i just system("gnuplot[bunch of strings for variable input][script path]")
but for spreadsheet tables excel pretty good
like, word can do equation formatting, and excel can do special characters, between both im good
i dont like google docs
its basically office with a lot stripped out
but its awesome for collaborative work
yeah i paid for some 4 year subscription because school, because deal
was $80 or some shit

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omg i pasted table from excel to word and it didnt destroy formatting and special chars
we truly live in the future

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rab: k for motor stuff, i think i could just do something with a cover and a lock
like, i was thinking of doing a 2-piece proco rat shell with acrylic or aluminum
so i can figure way to keep it closed with a lock and just use foam or some shit to keep it from rattling
yeah its ugly unless you got a method
also heated so itll slide
have a bead blaster?
i was gonna be like fuckit, get one, because my landscaping is all stream pebbles
but maybe that turns it into a trash panda litter box
we dont seem to have so many cats
prob because trash pandas ate them all
or maybe just cold so moved out to the burbs

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~17:23:08 <@Rab> I found some frosted vinyl tape on eBay, I wonder if that would diffuse the light without filtering it too much.
ived used frosty scotch tape to mix rgb better, works

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17:21:23 <@Rab> Dave would be 300% better if he pitch-shifted his voice.

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can only be one

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time to bacon sim

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so basically lot of targets
surviving is surviving
typical forced treatment is sending them to NA to become codependent with other junkies
theyre mostly not going to get better
completely their fault or not, the help usually isnt helping
i guess i am used to venice, santa monica, santa barbara bums, usually much more social
even trust hollywood bums more than locals
that said, those places dont get to 20F in the winter, dont have republican douchebag reps

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cant take motor of bike and go grocery shopping is other reason
i dont think thats problem for awhile but thats other reason
i am thinking of how to do big giant dog clutch w/ 2 speed front derailleur shifter
because dog clutches are cool
naw whatever, people just trying to survive
its just fucked here because the only city for like 100mi in every direction, and college town

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oh, maybe you mean like slow release arpy sounding base
thats totally industrial
all of it belongs to us

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ya dunno found manual, prob doesnt have codes
you could get a avacado, corkscrew, and snorkel, and make something to snoop them
i mean ir detector (photo transistor), resistor, and battery
also oscilloscope
maybe if you have a laptop it has an IR detector connected to a uart
cant be that old
soundbars only been around 5 years
anyway, i would thing older would be better for this type of thing
both those universal remotes work great with 80s RCA TVs
*bet those
macegr: this almost ambient
is pretty neat

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i stay on side roads, bike paths
but a lot of places im pretty much riding blind, like i can make out the road but not the surface
sounds like a soundbar
call polk
polk audio?
well ya

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like, broad daylight, school bike parking, right on a main street, high pedestrian area
they dont have tools
ive seen their bicycle re-engineering, everything ghetto hacked in the style of no-money, all-time
ha yeah i go through those
ill usually forget them somewhere
mine was a 3W led w/ 18650
and zoom lens
theres usb ones now
but i dont even ride with the lights most of the time now
i have dayglo helmet and i just stay the fuck away from cars

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10:04:22 <@Rab> Srsly, I think tamper-proof screws are a lost cause.
bike light got half-stole in like 15min while i shopped
they unscrewed the battery compartment and took the 18650 and the button end
and then tried to melt through the 1/4" zip tie running through the clamp levers with a lighter
so like, bums couldnt even completely handle that
something that takes them 5-10min, they wont fuck with
all the city bike racks in the city are done with the big spanner screws, mounting plates warped enough to see people have raged on them, but all the racks are still there
15min eating pizza, i got back to bike and its cable was 1/2 chewed through

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10:38:46 < champi0n> exactly who is tampering with these items?
specifically, im guessing rural norcal meth ones
they troll the parks and grocery stores

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