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looks like calabasas

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sculptor: sexy

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i like him more, because of that and that he doesn't product design for windows anymore

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not very surprising

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shrug, hes prob not breathing like a typical person with asthma
how about breathing heavily being competitive bicycle racer with asthma
because it made him feel better
that turns him into not a choad?
guy taint
rab: rly?
gotta be best at something i guess

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unless the seats raise up into the bubble they look like a bitch to get into
probably very cold, too

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wonder if they tested it
'the flat walls really dissapointed'
what was camera facing?
its better without china docs
like what do you do when you find the part datasheet, and it doesnt have the package you read the part off of?
oh neat
can you see the ground when it is in the sky?

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shrug, apng isnt lossy, neither is really video compression
afaik there is no frame to frame compression
like, gifs and apng arent making keyframes and compressing later frames based on that, its not really encoding shit, its just taking frames and turning them into gifs or pngs
i think you could make an argument for non lossy video storage with apng, files would be huge tho

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rab: yeah pretty much
6GB? must be good
h.256 mkv stuff still pretty big for decent quality
yes, thats a confusing number after night of embedded stuff
gif is not a serious encoding method
apng is similar but supports more than 100 indexed colors or whatever gif is capped at
gif is what happened because flash sucked for too long

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divx was cool when 700MB was still huge to download

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i went to corner store and realized how annoying that would be

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i would pick the red one because not yellow

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