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you should probably run neutral back through the ups, it might do ground fault that way
earth how you gonna earth

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omfg @ motor stopping at 30 deg past TDC w/ bunch of standoffs swinging around on heatshrink
some nunchuck action
with just one standoff its kind of like an angler fish

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i ziptied the mace to the end of the sword
seems to slow everything down, kind of less scary

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rab: tried hal blink code on f4-discovery with cubemx/truestudio, shit upgraded firmware (thing is probably 4 years old) and works fine
168mhz max, omg

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k i made flexible pendulum for spinny death
i put a 1.5" long hex standoff in the end of some 3/8" looking heatshrink with adhesive lining and shrunk that shit
so not instead of a blunt sword it gonna have like a mace

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most of their issues were from integer math resolution
i kind of want to redo my shit with a 16b angle sensor and an f4

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like, with the ti cortex thing, i fucked around for maybe 10 minutes, and had dropdown menus full of slow-realtime libraries
i think their branding worked with techs
and techs abstracted it so the shit that made avr awesome didnt matter
like, def upsides and downsides
bunch of mechanical engineers got controls projects running on cortex hardware with almost no programming experience
did their shit work great? nope, but it worked
its something they could give to a programmer and throw their hands up and get something working in a few hours
like, working well
prof basically used me as an example of why the mechanical engineers needed to learn c or they were fucked, matlab wasnt going to cut it

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rab: so if done right ST basically creates the original avr studio situation, where shit just works and everything is free
dominates the market, and eventually gets bought by microchip
ti cortex shit works with arduino ide
thats what most fellow kids did their controls projects with
i feel like atmel somehow totally fucked up at branding
and i couldnt tell you how exactly, but that everyone knows what an arduino is and almost no one knows what an avr is is pretty good evidence
like, avr studio stopped working for me right around when arduino ide blew up
like, its edge on docs and 1st party ide that worked maybe didnt matter after that

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rab: it either worked, or it tricked me with blinking leds
they have a nice page already
it seems to be an effort to fill the gap
the newest version is from october
but shit seems to be fine with cubemx and the way im sticking my code into it
so pretty sure i can f4 and f7 with unlimited flash?

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this is windows
id prob have to install wingw or cygwin
i could debug and unplug it
i have to anyway to reset and switch power supplies
other guy is true hero, made a vid. https://forum.atollic.com/viewtopic.php?t=23

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ive been doing a lot of vim c hacking with some gdb, fuck me, mouseover infos and click to dig deeper please
guy: I can't seem to work out how to simply download and run my code on the target without entering debug. The facility seems to be possible but I don't know how to set it up.
other guy: This is a missing feature in the IDE. But it can be overcome without too much trouble by duplicating your debug configuration and modifying the GDB-script only to download and reset the target.
fuck me, you only job is to make buttons for the things we do alot

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rab: migrating from cubemx+keil, all i had to do was change _align(2) to _attribute_((aligned(2))) to get it to build
like, in the generated cubemx code, i only have two includes, and init() loop() and it() functions
so 5 edits and dropped in some non-generated files from the keil stuff
your shit is gcc already so prob drops right in
have to figure out how to upload

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haha big guy wants to go again

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like, shes making bunch of cute faces with arms flying around, theyre like flipping out

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everything working fine with my f0disco and im about install bunch of new debug drivers
oh no, the jungo
i think i should abort
this thing is telling me setup was completely successfully, bitch we havent tried shit yet you dont tell me
now the install is stuck at some execute haspdint.exe, back next cancel all dim
aerith_gx: there is another one where asian car salesgirl is drifting customers around in their trucks in a wet parking lot

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yeah its eclipse
i maybe used it with sam7?
and i tried it and i think got it working with stm32f4, dont remember what i didnt like about it
in 2017 im like FUCK THIS DOWNLOAD ITS SLOW, only going 2.5MB/s

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rab: if they rename it i think id be way more enthusiastic
this is potentially awesome news tho

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i havent touched that shit in 10 years
i think they still email

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anyway, new F1 owners have to deal with traditionalists who thing girls in motorsport should be paid models on the grid and podium
and people who want to see girls in feeder series, and women in F1 cars
and kind of think the grid girls are cringy
like, you put girls with rich parent or corp (red bull) sponsorship in go karts, and women in F1 happens
not complicated
it just takes 10-15 years
fuck the FIA for putting jorda there
you cant have two F1

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shes a model, who has poor performance in lower series, who once had a stint as a practice driver for one of the poor F1 teams, probably as a marketing stunt
she doesnt thing girls should race with boys
her view is opposite of the females who make up the rest of the comission
drivers who have performed well in their classes ahainst men
they want there to be more openness to female racers in lower tiers
like, keep racing the same just make it more inviting to girls, instead of just making sure youre not explicitely exclusing
sure, lots of girls in all sorts of racing
theyre smaller and lighter than an average guy
...just like the average race driver

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schumacher was one of the greatest, if not the greatest driver in F1
but he was a cheat and he blatantly stole wins from rubens
d0gzpaw: he consistently had the best hardware, and the FIA consistently ruled in favor of ferrari
was an amazing driver, at an amazing era at ferrari, in an almost uncompromised era of the sport
sculptor: every driver in F1 is pretty exceptional, and schumie was human
he wasnt as good when he came out of retirement
oh man
ive prob got 500 comments on reddit about this
the girls are on the grid before the race, paid to hold sticks and wear geographically specific costumes
they just appointed karmen jorda to the FIA commission about this

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top comment is legit, without even getting into the teams orders drama
if you got two drivers running close to identical races, and you want one to pull ahead for drivers championship, fine
thats sane, it keeps your own team from crashing into itself
but to have a driver almost come to a stop, so the other can catch up from several turns behind
thats stealing a drivers win
ferrari stole wins from rubens for schumacher drivers championships
so you can blame ross brawn managing as much as schumacher and ferrari, but brawn kept rubens when he turned honda into brawn gp, and let rubens win

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sculptor: oh in reference to lance armstrong convo, just because schumacher hit his head skiing and is now both the greatest F1 driver to have lived and a vegetable, doesnt mean i have to like the cheating fuck

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we should have dragon gates
and then sooner or later someone in a wingsuit will only succeed in trying

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ticks are a big deal
they are important as the knob or the color and marker style of the datas
also they are not 270 rotated
so at this point guy is paying me to manage his project
truth, i think those are elevator dials

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def have to rework them first, 0+9 to 0+11 major ticks on the first two, 0+12 to 0+11 on the third

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doyouknow: those are all good geometry except center left, bottom middle, and bottom right, which are bad geometry
center middle only works because most knobs will cover first two sets of ticks
ticks being another term for graduations
id pay for top left, center right, bottom left

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