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blackmoon: everything at my school is [noun]cat
out mascot is a generic wildcat
it will fuck you up, thats all thats important

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did he get to the extra-standoff nunchuck parts?
blackmoon: click vid

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so worst case response time is like around 1ms, is actually way less
does uart and adc with dma
anyway the pi is pretty cool, it can web serve png plots like at the beginning of the video while its flipping out

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longer version with fail tuning is posted on school course portal
for controls class
the stm32 does all the pid shit
yeah i made a terminal app to talk to the stm32 over uart and do logging
like, the pi will grab data at 1024 Hz and write to binary file, then after it turns it into csv and gnuplot png
it did that in class
itll just do that forever with the ziegler nichols pid tuning
its an older zero, the usb is an asus wifi nub
but yeah 1024 Hz sample loop, grabs angle over spi, does pid magic, loads pwm and sets dir
pwm at 8092 Hz

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timecop: you see nunchuck bot
my professor very likfe
after the plain pendulum stuff, i put a standoff + heatshrink nunchuck
then i screw more standoff in for heavier nunchuck
wait no, very like, -f
time for sleeping
the motor is all jacked up from too much D
haha, one of the groups presenting said something about the D, and one of the kids starts giggling
and like, slacker kid in the class is like 'oh cmon you, [name of giggler]?'

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fuck bicycle in the cold
also hiccups\

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