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rab: crypto power usage argument falls apart when im cold
my robot heater doesnt do work
it just oscillates and beeps plus cap touch

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i need a database of small to medium size audio companies in the middle of nowhere
that are doing well enough to pay another person

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oh shit
taxi job
as long as i dont get stabbed that would be great for weekends
timecop: where is o6 working

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i was laughing because local people watching youtube loops
like, people would take the scary bits of the live coverage and loop it forever, like, guys no its over its not still falling apart
during the semester i am a bike mechanic and a/v stage tech
next week is like, beg all the companies for summer contract
well, not all of them, they have to be someplace cheap

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mfkr no one gonna employ me
mfkr im in engineering school in the middle of fucking nowhere
so i am overqualified, not available enough, and then if thats not an issue, crazy high pay history versus kids
remember fallout 2?
between sac and redding
i should see whats there on the map
to get here from LA was either bus -> train -> bus at 10 hours, or train only at 15 hours
clean water is neat
we have so much it almost blew up the damn
oroville all scared shitless
do you remember vids of a dam falling apart last year? thats local

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like, non of my other hardware pays for itself
dunno was like $180 taxed and shipped, not exactly super high end
like, i went away for two weeks, come back, .05 eth happens, one card
thats like $45 right now
so like $100/mo

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i think you are a magnet
btc transfers are so much fucking trash
i could drive the money places faster than this shit
like, youre going to sit at your restaurant table while they get however many confirmations they are cool with
banks are stuck in like 1978
just gonna sit on all the transactions until 2AM and then go nuts
timecop: i dont invest, but i dont have a power bill

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make it!
or i dunno does it need to be fast?
buy it!

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eggsalad: did you vote for trump?
eggsalad: k good

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damn thats probably a whole new catgory of car damage

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the only reason i can see for encouraging people to leave is make taking the channel actually possible over a long enough period of time
and if kastein doesnt leave chanfix will just put him back haha
eggsalad: we've put a lot of work into you!

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why do we have to leave
i would have to like, change my config
this has always worked well as an #electronics side channel, and it hasnt been that active except for eggsalad since greycz
so literally 10 years this channel has been dead
chanfix decided its kastein's, im pretty sure its actually tekrads, shrug, welcome to efnet
kastein could ban all of us or do nothin, nothing would change really except my channel numbers in irssi would be all fucked up by 1

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used to be leather
yeah in that case, your window is nylon straps
plus more nylon straps to keep your arms from flying out the window when you roll
and another set of straps to keep you head from snapping forward from the seat
zipties are how the drifters do bodywork
its a thing

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wtf @ 135 hours = long
bike is fucking racecar
yeah racecar = annoying for everything except racing
want a door handle? too bad, you get nylon strap
want windows? too bad, you get some lexan riveted at the edges

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