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i know snek, thats why its gonna work
im reproducing eia426b cd in python

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the antenna can do it if its still loaded correctly, but the converter box thing maybe not
if you mean connecting two boxes to one antenna, my guess is it will work but not as well as one, fuck knows what that means for digital tv reception

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phoenix connectors?
those are neat, you can get diff terminal blocks thatplug into them
like, instead of xlr or TRS, sometimes you get 3pin phoenix
and you can get screw terminal blocks that have bigass pull tables you can ziptie the cables to
tv coax is pretty much a waveguide
blackmoon: you can get signal across air gaps just pointing them at each other
its goofy
step on one, kill your data

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looks like you can still bolt it
looks good for making wiring harnesses
like instead of having three hanging ring terminals you can just mount one thing

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thats pretty normal
i kind of like 16-18 awg for chassis wiring just because everything smaller is mechanically fragile
gotta bend them half way
you gotta compensate where halfway is
untwisting first also helps

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board to board is prob cool if nothing goes wrong

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cars are for the rich fucks

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rab: whats so goofy about it
rf guys at an exjob had those
they had a whole rack of r&s shit for their anechoic stargate 3d polar plot setup

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