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time on the streets mostly taught me that being homeless kind of sucks
i need to reseason my pan
this is excellent for track balls

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thats what made me the big bucks

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maybe thats what you mean, anyway i havent
autodesk 3d cad
autodesk, right now, has hsmworks/hsmexpress, fusion360, and inventor
i dont know how much overlap there is
im not sure but i think fusion 360 is just a cloud-based modified UI front-end for hsm toolpath generation
and my guess is inventor has similar modeling tools as inventor
er, fusion360
if you can deal with cloud-only bullshit, i would definitely try fusion360, ive cut dozens of parts with it and cant think of any real issues ive had
well, CAM related issues, there is cloud related drama that cant be avoided
like, you have to use the web interface to delete projects you cant use the client application

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thats kind of a broad question
autocad was industyry standard for decades, and they make masterCAM level CAM applications
one of which is free if youre a student or first year startup
use solidworks
it works
i dont like the UI for CAD, but it seems to be pretty standard as far as modeling tools
i assume it can do assemblies and advanced mates, i dont know how their sim shit would work without it
shrug, i get a freee license from school
i dont know what they pay for seats or if it can be had as an individual student
have you used inventor?

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