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yeah im like fuck firing high power lasers at random glass objects full of water
also ew at plastic hardware wtf is this junior high

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i dont see why
the one they do in the vid was glues on slightly off angle, and machine did it fine
pretty sure its a vision system, not a coordinate one

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cheaper and its all disposable
landfill mining within 10 years i think
yeah im not sure how automated it is
looked like the girl crosshaired a couple of reference points on one, but next one went through way quick

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the resistor pad has some purpose, if you dont know what it is you might break something
its probably for an led
right its nintendo, they got die under epoxy dot money
wire bonding vid is pretty neat

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how is not discrete
its just an LED its not an IC
right DIP made sense
discreet means not integrated
your led is not an integrated circuit
i mean, its not even a circuit, its a part
a dip opamp is not discrete
a discrete preamp is made of non integrated components
you can have an SMD discreet preamp
thats the easiest way to make older discrete designs better

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for example it could be a debug mode pullup or filtering for some now unused circuit
then why are you asking us, we dont know
im still confused
does this thing have to be a wiimote again?

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they have pins that dont go through
hell leadless packages still have pins
pins go on pads
anyway, i was aware it was an smd part and what i said is still valid
you are taking a chance on like .0005" thick mask
theres vias under the mask so top layer is probably a ground pour
so if you melt mask while soldering to the pins youre prob fucked
okay well stick a resistor on the end and wire it to power
does this thing have to be a wiimote again?
well, theyre leds, so ya
anyway, if you dont know what the resistor pad is, dont populate it

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you added the led?
then just fucking make it work, shrug
personally, i would deadbug a resistor to the end of the LED on top of some mask without any copper undeneath
if thats not possible, i would do it on top of a layer of kapton tape
then id rework wire to some nearby power
by mask i just mean some shit that isnt conductive
so if its mask on top of copper, doesnt really count
naw fuck that, just deliver and get back to more import hax
the big issue with what you have done is that there may be a copper pour under the solder mask
its very likely, so the pins of the led can scratch through and short the led
all of them?

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need more info
if you didnt remove them i dont think you should replace them unless you know theyre supposed to be there
a lot of pro shit ive worked on has more unpopulated passives than populated
does it not normally light up?
im confused

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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, aka Suckabee,

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kastein: pls2ban joellama, ty
eggsalad: does trump pee his bed?
eggsalad: my bed doesnt really have sides because up against a wall and then really messy on the other side
eggsalad: it has a front
eggsalad: k

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