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quarter turn back and you can feel the chips break, shit keeps going like whatever

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oh huh
is hard to tell because helix offset across flute but i think youre right
yeah its fine once over fear of breaking it
naw i can feel it

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i just did a #8!
im using bike oil because smells like bananas
oh yeah def, i knew was gonna be like that
but is fine now, like, torque on wrench is pushing part into table
yeah wtf npt profile
kind of like, checkered pattern?
hmm weird

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i noticed today my edge finder was brown and sharpe, i was like damn i had money
yeah on its side, flipping the wrench, this is working great
8" adj wrench
i dont think it would work with 1/4 NPT
yeah ths thing doesnt flex for shit

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its like this wrench is supposed to fit but they fucked up the tolerances
yeah its not in a vice =\
meh i just go stick it back on cnc fixture
is like 6 x 3 x 2
no way
neat holding part flat with tap horizontal working
you have a kurt?
i thought you had one of those glacern things

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ya this 6" wrench not enough

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yeah, but sealed
and wouldnt need to strip more than once to reuse, just stick tc connect at end and then use extension cable
heh chelsea manning not fucking around in her ad

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is for that
is not sealed
you can put it into a pipe
im putting into big block
so i did tap hole, and next gauge bigger hole for the tip of sensor to sit in
i dont care
you can adjust sensor contact pressure by spinning spring strain relief
they have other ones
would work better for sealed stuff
shrug, i didnt buy that one
mine has spring strain relief and stainless braided sheath

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i know, but on this the first teeth are undersize
ya, the normal ones dont have as much
and the bottom ones are pretty much just an npt profile
i know, i have to test with the connector
to make sure its rotated how i want and right depth
is for this guy
yeah automation direct is neat shit

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damn i dont have tap wrench big enough for 1/8 NPT tap
fuckit i use adj wrench huge tap is huge
this like 2" long w/ shank
is a cutty tap tho =(
1/4 prob huge, heh
oh huh
this a taper tap, tho
so prob not that bad
its a taper taper tap
you can get plug and bottom ones
eh, the skinny teeth at the end arent fully formed
plug ones are, theyll work with short holes
a lot less thread
i know thats why i bought this one and drilled deep

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heh, which is prob form tap with a hole too small
i dont think they have flutes either
prob any haas will do it

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omg form taps so sexy
thats friction tapping

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pretty sure that stuff is fine with heat
its super good for vibration
sometimes yellow glue will break away
they hate threadlocker
my guess because its either a fuckload of time or expensive preapplied

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i dunno what it is exactly, CM white glue was the RTV like stuff, CM yellow glue is harder, for tacking wires, board to board connectors and screws or whatever
if i was building domestic, id prob use RTV and whatever loctite hysol epoxy seemed appropriate, or equiv
yeah totally, thats type of shit we used in the lab instead
as long as you dont get the copper doped heat conductive shit youre probably fine

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i wouldnt trust any sd card soldered like that
rab: even hot glue is prob fine
china white glue is ideal for vibration
shit is drizzled all over a lot of audio connectors in subs
plus caps
is like, slightly stiffer than RTV, is not elmers
it will usually just rip off
then you gotta pick it out off details, its pretty much like RTV to work with

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