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i know, im doing nothing and groceries happens
works well with my schedule

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sounds like work

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eh im cold
so i could waste energy heating up some ceramic heating elements, or hashing and making money
i dont pay for electricity
else i wouldnt be doing it
shrug, i like groceries

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so glad nvidia can hash eth, cant fucking stand ati drivers
hey man none of my other hardware pays for itself without me doing anything
so i rebuilt a computer and started it up with half a raid1 windows install
its trying to repair, i wonder if its just going to try forever
neat thing about lunix soft raid1 is you could boot from half an array and it was like nothing happened

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crypto just crashed, prob people dumping cards on ebay
made decent money last year just flipping cards, sold used for more than i was buying new
going to see if packup pc is lower latency than cnc pc
supposedly nvidia cards do shitty things to realtime jitter

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oh man fuck brutal nature chickens
bears are bad enough

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they probably mean south korea
tho, several kims were probably responsible for those regulation, because in korea like everyone is kim or park

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audio preamp tube in vfd package!
but i kind of wanted to do an opamp buffered tube preamp
and this is sexier and less drama than a 12ax7
dude his website looks like you designed it, so ya
small, lower voltage, probably higher performance
no, overdriven sound
they softclip

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wtf korg
oh independent distro

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timecop: next time just gerbers!

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what did they change?

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timecop: yeah that sounds right, the switch timing se4emed all fucked to get decent res
that distance is huge
on a piano, go fuck with one
how far does the key switch?
i wonder if this is just that shit assembly almost everyone uses
yeah velocity on most stuff is shit
lucky if you get like three usable levels
stuff with aftertouch is diff
shrug, is maybe the curves they use
they dont know they just had some mofo like you do it for them
they have a bin

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timecop: you get the velocity shit working?

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