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for sure

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its nintendo
always for kids
like, playstation and xbox just video games consoles
nintendo might as well be a religious institution
have you seen new yoshi demo gameplay?
they seem to be ebracing cardboard
anyway looks like a good 2.5d platformer w/ cool camera focus effect graphics
silly fun
yeah i think wii nunchuck was kind of weak, but switch and this are way cool

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how embedded feedback systems work, simple mechanical systems

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you are not trying hard enough

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move c1 out
too close, moving out is more space for soldering even with a cap larger than the footprint
but lining it up would work fine so it looks better
put curves
yeah looks neat
shit prob isnt fast enough to matter
put a decoupling cap
like, that cap directly above the pin sp the traces go straight over than straight down
shrug just use same footprint as c1 and make it work

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_digital_: the pistons are dual opposed
like, 3 cyl 6 pistons
2 cranks
no cams
i like it but i think it should have a hybrid turbo setup to control breathing instead of the supercharger
twice as many rings, shrug

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i think this happens in all cold places/

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blackmoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxON-HIlz5E&ab_channel=TheFastLaneTruck
opposed boxer gas/disel 2 stroke sparkless motor, turbo and supercharged
^direct injection
needs hybrid turbo setup

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either congress or pbs got this mic left panned wtf why

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now i want to bypass stm32 pll and try to button clock it
or i guess like, turn it on do all init then turn it off

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if ram is being used for regs or instructions, thats prob not going to work
heh, a lot of my avr code was all registers and flash, no sram, shit worked with very slow clocking
like, sub avrfreq working a uart speeds
insulation germs

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rab: what do you mean?
i mean, kind of all processors like that if you can get at clock input
program counter just counts until some jump overwrites it
oh maybe because pulling instructions from ram
pretty sure avr is pc pointing at flash addys
but they are still kind of like asyncronous state machines
sure but you can usually bypass the pll

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like this is a school problem, guess the chip?
i think its an rc oscillator, a counter, and some rom
im okay with being wrong because thats a neat solution

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the blink pattern it makes is huge clue, but xmas lights is mass production as fuck, theres no reason it isnt some something specific
like the fucking blink chips on flashlights built into SOT-23
and i checked its not meter ic pinout
i thought maybe they just had it oscillating plus noise input from open pin

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meter ic
blinky xmas tree ic
why not
im assuming that
what does it do
does it have knob

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rab: im going to put a printer on it
printer on wire shelves is so much ass

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