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so instead of motorboat, its like motorboat in molasses
i think they just said wtf and invented the locking torque converter
motorcycle motor after is sexy
cool, they have the mr2 as sv-3 concept car
this is so fucking 80s

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you know how in a manual transmission the gears are always meshed?
and then like, the fork pushes these gears with teeth on the side into the sprockets to couple them to the drive shafts?
the shit with the gears on the side are dog clutches
epoxy / acid clutch
see how it has like ring of teeth?
i just want to do two, or maybe three, like big radiation symbol gears
how many moneys?
thats how some auto transmission stuff works
solenoids doing valvy things
early hyroglyph editions

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i considered developing it more
but i went on a trip so i ripped the usb bank psu off it
and i kind of want to kill the motor with my bike
i want to make a dog clutch
with two giant teeth
like, four sets of two giant teeths
but can you reverse?
yeah i want to be able to reverse
so like, motor enable with a few mm of cable pull
what do you mean
clutch is like, on or off

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bitch im sleeping
you can change pid values and put it into a logging mode over ssh
like, itll live generate the plot that shows at the beginning, and hosts it on a web server, while its making spun death
like, the full video has all these PID values demonstrated: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ziegler%E2%80%93Nichols_method
seems to be
i could have done it with that maybe
but with pi its like, negative learning curve
and it still works
anyway i got an A in class, that was final, i got like 25% on one of the midterms
worked out

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macegr: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6bsqzr
in case no. college wtf
k nite

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macegr: you see spinny death bot? w/ nunchuck?

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sure, but they get uniforms so i know they like it if i call them that
plus they wont beat me up
the idea
their laws say the border is something you cannot just cross
but probably if you say please, bc canadia
so they need someone to stand their while you say please

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i have a us gov course this semester
im just gonna go hard on the social anarchist angle
none of this is real
and were just not pretending the right things together hard enough
if immigration comes up, im going to stress that borders arent real
border guards are def real
canadian ones are cute

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smoke weed that makes your neutral
its like being switzerland
fuckin local city banned medical
state goes legal rec, local city goin sessions on us
its not banned but commercial is
like, bitches i do not have time to grow weed
i mean not really but legally, ya
i dont think he has reasons anymore its just his thing

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its rollup doors into a closet?
you can totally do car sling
for the turret
gonna break your toes on that shit
maybe the other side had wheels
very nice
ten times

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i can go to sleep, or i can play original fallout
there some good pallets there
oh i panned left and there is guys getting pallets
did you at least get decent amount of space?
good good
gotta get ramps so you can like park at night and pull up drawbridge
you need to make some sort of car sling

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no u
does that mean canadia?
did you move?
do you live in a van down by a river now?
you are in east bay?
shrug i dunno where that is
maybe a raider thing

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cheapie: youre going to give tc flashbacks, stop
and tc was probably in here few years before lordpil blog
im def still the fng

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right because we cant have people actually thinking we would let eck0 run this shit

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i am out of garlic salt
garlic salt does not dual mine with eths

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democrazy is cool! but yeah fuck this electoral college shit
why we propin up slave states, they dont have money anymore

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they run both branches of congress, the white house, the supreme court, they stole a supreme court appointment from a dem president so theyre cool with cheating
and they still couldnt keep shit running
sorry... unpresidented
blackmoon: seems like very turntables would wear funny

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the answer to why they are dealing with daca now instead of when it expires in 3mo, is the republicans dont have to agree to anything reasonable in 3 months
and they wont
they literally stole a supreme court seat appointment from obama
so like, they get get a pass, no benefit of the doubt, republican congress is complete slime and not to be trusted, no credibility or respect for the law
a lot of them, yes
thats probably going to change quite a bit this year
*dont get a pass
but whenever you see a republican congressman complaining about dems being unfair, dems caused the shutdown

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blackmoon: record and tape player jitter is like most other audio shit
usually most people cant ABX differences unless gear is really crap
dems have leverage, making mcconnel look like a bitch and him and trump look like stooges

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