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neighbor is either yelling at his candy crush team or singing animu themes

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00:58:41 <+kevtris> the idea was good, but using a chinese manufacturer with zero oversight wasn't
this is like, amateurs 15 years ago
you have to go and show them, and then have your guy babysit

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yeah see if the fet works connected to a supply
but that shit prob wont do more than a few amps before burning up without a heatsink

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mrgoose: do you only have one?
regardless, double check pinout
make sure youre set to V on the meter, and youre not plugged into the current nanas
if shit is connected right, try new one
also, this shit prob wont do much current without a heatsink
fet should be saturating connected direct to a uC pin
make sure you set the pins to output
and youre not just toggling between hiz and pullup
thats how the avr hardware is setup
like, pullup will turn on the set slow as fuck, or halfway if you got the 10k pulldown
and hiz will slowly drain out through the pulldown

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timecop: its a logic fet from sparkfuck
22:56:14 <+jero32> "without load" specifically means you remove the motor all together from the schematic
shorting supply is like, max load
without a load is open

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much better
D1 low, drain should be at 5v, D1 high, drain should prob be way under 1v
leave the 10k
at the drain?
fuck knows, its floating
it should be like 0v
naw thats right

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eh, pulldown
you cant just let the fet gate float if the mcu takes a shit or power sequences after the fet
dirt in the ait will pump the gate up and turn it on if the pin its connected to is hiz, which is default state for most uc
that shit will flip opamps out
they dont common mode reject at high frequency, so there will be no input but output will be all banging off the rails

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i dont get it =(
is .ino a thing or do u no
omg i hope not
i like new rule
mcmaster has cheap carbide tip lathe tools for my tiny fly cutter, but they are not as long as the factory bit
eh avr dont have pulldowns
hi, lo, hiz, pup

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if person does not provide a schemtic, they dont care that much, shrug
what is that?
i dunno i get those confused because all this kiddy abstractions is confusing
so you have a 120VDC spread?
thats a fet
resistor just slows shit down

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maybe like such as a follower

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macegr: it would have to be meatspincat
everything at school must follow [something]cat naming convention
totally our coolest cat

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shes smart, and wears pants
i dunno i would prefer no pants
for motors class, instructor is like USE WHATEVER MICRO YOU WANT!
but then looks like we will spend most of the semester using proprietary motor driver code

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P control with a Kp of one billion
where is this?
i thought you europeans didnt suck at school
ah, i had a boss from holland
complete douchebag
hopefully means platter drives are dead
thats 1st gen
which means 3tb is prob like under half price, and will be like 10% that in two years
jero32: what was position feedback?
thats what smartypants girl's group did

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k so offset and scale, done
why not
you should have just walked out
bump it above then control
smarty pants girl's group did this for control project last semester
their ball just hit the top
but it hit the top every fuckin time, so points for consistency
timecop: i was told i was likely only mfkr got an A in controls class
like, i got a 25% on one of the midterm exams, heheh
you prob dont even need pid for the ball thing

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im asking why you dont make a thing if you dont want to use models
pick a sensor, set a goal, process things
thermal stuff is slow, predictable, plots nice
motor stuff you can load with mass easily to see performance under different loads
its school, shrug
that sounds fun
theres always control
why would you need to switch fast
theres mass and inductance involved
you can prob switch at like 10hz and be fine
was like 3/4 your control range under the spin threshold?

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prob more than what i make hacking bikes at school
or working audio for racist stage manager
just make a thing?
pid for an oven is prob the simplest application for PID youre going to find, sample times can be crazy slow, and youre prob just dealing with one input

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eh, integral was the enemy of spinny death
probably because i didnt impliment sine scaling for gravitation force comp
its integral
if you reset at target, its not longer integral, its a clever hack

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stop using adobe
tho adobe in android is one of the better solutions oddly
jero32: typically you want to go way hotter than melting for manual soldering ops

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jero32: because it didnt get hot enough
same answer is same
not crazy low if you let is soak
*let it soak

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rab: and parts, big magnetics and tiny packages are a mess

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