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rab: also seems better than word for formatting resume

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rab: https://i.imgur.com/pRAexVc.png
readerror: ^

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block diagrams, schematic
almost cad
its a block a diagram but i think it might work as a schematic

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rab: inkscape working out
need a snap strategy
and the grid doesnt dance around anymore, tho i dont think its been bad in inkscape for a long time

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rab: i havent used dia in long time

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well it depends on the export settings in altium or the masking ability in the lasers software
but EDA apps tend to have the best vector graphics engines
like, theyre not rigged to make shapes and handles colors and images easy
but they never have big issues with grids and alignment
im regretting doing this in draw io instead of using eagle or dicktrace trying altium

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rab: mostly grids in regards to alignment at different zoom levels
like, a mixel of misalignment makes sense, this is like huge fractions of grid divisions
and this is now a draw.io problems, tons of programs like this
*not a draw.io problem, tho right it is, but ya this bullshit happens in a lot of programs
pretty sure inkscape does it
i want to be able to use all the things
why am i clicking on coordinate and size text box arrows, fuuuu
panels jero
all the panels
can do acrylic
clear is the new black
make the things

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why are vector graphics editors so broken

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jero32: http://samandlouiespizza.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Chicken-Alfredo.jpg
pasta w/ creamy sauce + chicken breast

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use pasta bin
ima make chicken alfredo tonight

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