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blackmoon: definitely
macgyver0: yeah a hack wouldnt be hard
but idea is like, walk into a commercial kitchen and throw 4 or six in an oven
macgyver0: plastic?
crazy chemists

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what can i use as high temp battery?
yeah fuck all that i bet i can buy a spring motor

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fuckin music is like, 80s actions movie before the big battle
that cant always work

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it just need to like tumble beans can go 2 or 3 rpm
like, spring for power and pendulum for speed
haha, lots have screens
and i dont think commercial ovens do?
like if you want to sell foods, youre supposed to cook in commercial kitchen, but you can find people that rent them
the look?
its usually in a air gap so its prob not doing much for thermal
i check mine
no metal but gap is huuuuge
maybe 3in
take some bigass magnets
have to rig up oven door with like, cross bracing
you could put the neo magnets outside
and reg inside
wait what

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guys how do i motor in an oven
without making it steamy
without modifying the oven
wind it up?
heh, pendulum and spring coffee drum
yeah but i need a temp diff, no?
i dont want to run lines in and out and i dont want to exhaust steam inside
but yeah totally my first idea heh
from your food
thats how it cooks
i dont want to add extra variable to roasting or have beans end up soggy

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damn im like, hey maybe i can roast coffee in an autodoner
but jezus fuck like $1000
like id put it sideways
kind of whatever now, i just put beams in metal bowl in oven at like 400, give the bowl a few shakes
dont brew beams

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blackmoon: i dont think i have that version

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