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07:08:02 < timecop> and gonna make it freetard

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yeah neat, shit like build analyzer panel is unlocked in new atollic
its not in demo mode

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new cubemx two days later

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they did a new atollic version release 3 weeks ago

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also i think st updated atollic
the one on my laptop is newer install, seems slight diff

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the car swaps because no battery swap or long life batteries is ridiculous
seat belt mechanics
and fan boost, raised power consumtion limit for a driver based on social media likes, fuck that
batteries are going to be full race, and hopefully more real tracks instead of shit street circuits
anyway, tesla wants to be a car company, make good cars, they should play with the other car companies and learn something

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no the company, and race teams
is like a 16 mile lap, every type of turn and straight you can think of, so companies will run laps there as a kind of objective measurement of overall performance
tons of elevation change, not like most modern circuits
teslas dont do well
last i checked, theyre like VW gti, honda civic fast
and just about every other manufacturer is getting into formula E
which is basically an electric drivetrain competition
it is

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theyre fast as fuck in a line
the model s nurburgring time is really shit tho, its too heavy and sprung wrong to put power down, or something
i dont care until i see the new roadster
they need to race or get decent nurburgring times, else its just a drag racer, who cares
means its not great for canyons or in the rain

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well, 1000 a day if youre talking toyota, honda, VW
i got elons back on being able to sell his cars however he wants, but they seem pretty fail at manufacturing, and im not okay with their driverless shit until they rename it testpilot
they should have had toyota or honda make the shit

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30ms is getting fucked, tho
i just want fzero =\
i know but if its just a single frame, for control, thats not that bad
timecop: no
wtf os, what does that shit run on?
my tv is okay
oh jezus fuck
ill have to find some fellow kid with it and figure out what to do
is it going to be worse than zsnes?
that shit is usable
feels like maybe 1 or 2 frames back
yeah they talk shit about the car industry, but literally the only thing car industry is about is mass production
its not, how do we make the coolest shit ever?
its, how do we make cool shit that we can pop out 100 a day and get <1% fail on

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like, snes core is prob available?
okay so i get that, and then an fpga with enough space for the rom
and im good!?
oh you are saying buy your thing, not your things core is available
no i meant me do it as an fpga project
jero32: which is why i was kind of confused by suggestion
anyway, how much
what is the efnet discount
sure but im sure there is a list and parts on order
jero32: i been here like almost 15 years im still the fucking new guy
kevtris: idea on what eta is like?
why shouldnt i just go buy the snes classic dealy?
it lags on fzero?
what like, display jitter or control lag?
i find it hard to believe they released fzero with more than a frame of lag vs normal system
and who cares about 15ms lag

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on altium student?
thats not bad
i would sure fucking hope so, if theyre running subscription bullshit
is that cheaper?
i want an fzero machine
kevtris: how hard would it be to roll an hdmi out fzero machine on fpga?

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guys i steppered the motor driver at 600RPM, 200 step motor at 128 microstepping
works at 1200RPM/s accel
almost cant tap the button fast enough to get one rev
so confirmed, applied motion products str3 manual is retarded, min pulse is 250ns not 250us
im hitting it with 1us pulses, says it has a 500khz max input (which is why the 250us pulse spec was like, wait wtf)
this is thru that shitty sparkfuck level converter, too
possibly not so shitty

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so you could do massive amounts of work and have no idea your shit was being trashed on save
whats the gimp?
i think cadsoft actually saved it in some recoverable format, so you could beg them to unlock for moneys
there unscrambling apps from the juarez people, but they didnt always work and were version specific
jero32: how is the student version limited?

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dicktrace seems booby trapped
i have old legit eagle licenses
most of the issues i had with the cad UI seemed cleaned up since i did shit for timecop in it 100 years ago
but on the last thing i sent out, i didnt check the drill file, and shit was empty
it has some bug with drill export on newish files
there was a work around, i could reproduce it, but ive forgotten
coincidentally is like stolen eagle protection
if you save a lot without closing the program and export, it doesnt save, or something like that
eagle would know it was stolen, and let you do work and save
it just wouldnt really save, or it saved junk

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so like, on an opamp, you have pin 7 which is BOUT
well, OUT of B channel
so you would name the footprint pin 7, actually you should maybe just use the dip or soic built in footprint
then you name the pin in your opamp symbol OUT, or just make it the pointy end of the symbol
then when you do the part, you put two opamp symbols, name one A and one B, then you link it to the footprint, using physical pin numbers
sure you just can anything any way you want
but what im telling you is how basically all the library parts are setup
for reasons.
jero32: how do i get free student altium?
school got a license deal
or for a year
jezus mother fuck
ill maybe buy it if i do layout for final project
we get teams on monday

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jero32: i have
more boards than parts
printers are accurate enough
in eagle, im pretty sure you can name the first pin 1, then copy it, and itll auto incremement the pin number
actually im positive it could do that
don t see why they would change it
that doesnt seem right
you just name the first pin 1
and keep using pin tool
theres a way to get it to auto name pins in order
and right, your name your symbol pins after function and footprint pins after pin number
yeah jero youre breaking shit
footprints are numbered so they can be reused with diff symbols
symbols are named after chip function

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current workflow is to make init(), loop() and it() functions in a seperate c file, and only insert those into the generated code, seems to solve a lot of the multiple extern and volatile vars mess
low level generation, peripheral defines
and that is possible, also interrupt priority handler, but theyre not that difficult to setup manually
most of the issues seem to come from driving peripherals
like, why this is double incrementing a ++, i dunno, and then stuff with array buffer input is really picky about alignment of the array
couple other things about matching cubemx settings and hal code
it seems crazy complicated, but a lot of it is empty functions and variable checks, interrupt lock checks
so yeah, it is what its supposed to be, which is kind of annoying

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its just eccentric and tripping on itself sometimes
but using the HAL function to set timer shadow reg broke pretty simple c code
sculptor: ikr
jero32: theres def a learning curve, which is a bit annoying because its not really about learning stm32 hardware, its about learning how HAL is spaghetti'd together in cubemx generated code
its temping to just pop out a build directory from cubemx with literally everything turned off, and trying to bare metal from that
like, without ever initializing HAL, because a lot of this shit is pretty siimple to setup
DMA was scariest thing, but after using it and reading docs a bunch, makes sense

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shrug, i dont care
he maybe wont get as much help, but i dont think weve ever had an english only rule
and if someone cant speak english but is trying to get help, im not gonna kick him out
shrug, ive had people speaking languages i dont know around me my whole life, never thought it was rude
well itd be rude if he was angry at people for not helping him while speaking another language
thats some dick shit
right jero saying its rude, im kinda like shrug
i miss LA anyway
i know so many extra types and clicks
timecop: why is HAL broken!?

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timecop: wtmf
was using __HAL_TIM_SET_AUTORELOAD to update ARR
update was like, ($htim2, motion_profile[mpi++]/2)
and it was double stepping mpi
so like, motor was moving half distance but with expected accel/decel profile
TIM2->ARR = motion_profile[mpi++]/2, shit works

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