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im used to riding my bike with 10-20 lbs of shit on my back
riding without that i feel like im fucking flying

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timecop: fuck it's soft touch finished
well, i guess if it lasts long enough got the plastic to wear through ive gotten my moneys worth
timecop: w/ keyboard shit looks like 2018 eee 701
laptop load just went from 6 lbs + dinosaur charger to 2 lbs + usb-c charger

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blackmoon: in atmosphere?
neat coincidence

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my 4 keyswitch is fucked
wait this reviews shows multiple usb-a on the tablet
neat, two and one is usb3

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ignition car guy goes back and gets friend out
yeah keyypt going
i thought there was a compression artifact that made the smoke look like trees
then realized, nope, those are trees
timecop: if this thing sucks im totally blaming you
well, like, more than its supposed to

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got those, got my 1920x1200, got my usb-c and usb-a, fuck a stylus
heh, cool the guy in the car that ignites it got out

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oh shit, chuwi hi10 keyboard comes with two usb-A
oh, that shit doesnt come with the keyboard

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woah woah wait what dis
maybe i do that + keyboard
wonder how horrible win10 is on 2GB ram

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usb C for phone is awesome
thats the only was better about the nexus 5x vs the 5
yeah i think my new one is like 5.5 or something?
i wouldnt mind goint back to galaxy nexus sized, i think just under 5in
everything need to go to usb-c
i am okay with A on host side for PC and chargers
timecop: what about keyboard?
does your trollbro complain?
looks like i can get cheaper without, can just buy my own

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less res too but its way cheaper
more on amazon
on amazon the celeron ones are $350
right its an improvement over the asus thing
usb C and 1920x1080

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oooo, it has usbC
and two usb

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shrug, i think
i think im okay with replacing it
okay so, i can prob get one for $200 refurbed from newegg
which effectively replaces the tablet and the laptop
which both have gorgeous 1920x1200 displays
really hard to get excited about 800 vert px
whats a surface?
2736 x 1824
yes pls

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yeah that shit is mostly great
there is an FPC for touchscreen comes loose sometimes
on what, nex 7?
yeah i think its all one board
maybe i do that
connector plus ship is prob same price
yeah that shit is crazy useful, and will fit in my pocket
you have original or 2013?
weird mines been fine like 4 years now
its not 1080
oh shit it is 1080
actually its not
1920 x 1200
that seems wrong
yeah im not trying to go through all that drama
yeah i went back to vanilla android on the nex7
cyanogen has turned to shit or who knows
isnt what it was

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im not going to try and use it for that
compiling firmware is prob most intensive shit id do, engineering wise
my nexus 7 micro usb all fucked up
either have to find replacement and rework new one one, or find something new
or live with anvil heavy laptop

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timecop: k hmmm
maybe i just buy an android tablet

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hmm fuck it charges through micro usb
shit breaks

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readerror: yeah i love that, stab it right into a solder fillet
macgyver0: im running some core 2 shit from 2008
this is probably similar, im guessing

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be creative say why
i need something light that fits on a desk that can do web and windows would be neat because office and engineering tools
readerror: yes
but all the ones in labs i was at were big and useless
for clippy ground i will usually leave the probe in the holder on the dmm and alligator or minigrabber to it

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laptop, so yeah
macgyver0: that shit has happened to me in the middle of class
fuckit im buying it
ive made the dell last long enough
what vic?
i didnt post that
someone else did, or i posted one after someone else posted one
i can maybe get a miata by summer, but prob not
saving up to pay summer rents
im just putting work paychecks into local bank acct and not looking at it
bike cart boss kids way cool with my working friday in the shop, so can maybe double paychecks
that shit is like therapy to me, so im prob one of the few people putting work

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i will miss the 1080x1200 screen for sure
seems like a better option than a new tablet
tablet works for most the stuff i need at school, i do serious shit on desktop at home
yeah i kind of want something new just to not have to worry
win10 def more useful than android

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timecop: talk shit ^
d0gzpaw: same ^
one review said the keyboard and touchpad are occassionally wonk, but its $250 and i can mouse so fuckit
mostly for office and web at school
my dell fan all screaming in the middle of class
10 year old proc being crushed by the 8gb ram and ssd

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pointy ones?
with the thread on accessories?
i like those
yeah i never used the accessories
i just like that it didnt have the phone plug style nub on the fluke probes

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timecop: did you buy it 20 years ago?
beause im pretty sure my bench fluke is like 100 years old
sometimes that shit even powers on
i think there is a catastrophic battery issue inside so i wont open it up

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i bough a fluke 10+ years ago, never had issues with it

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how does anything in star trek make sense?
in star wars, millenium falcon was badass crazy fast because it had a good nav computer
like, it broke the smuggling record because the computer figured how to put it into light speed without hitting anything
seems real enough to me
beaming, does not seem real

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rogue one
that shit was good, only real criticisms ive seen just have to do with goofy star wars tech
like why is the switch for the antenna out on a catwalk
shrug, empire is into views

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rab: i cant do it
i guess these would be the epilogue films?
the first was barely memorable
i kept tripping on how han and chewie have been friends for decade, but chewie didnt let han use the crossbow until then, and somehow that cringe was a better joke in the movie
the movie that happens right before ep4, fucking amazing
and right, i think lucas stumbled into something that worked because it was just much bigger than him
like he was just a variable, cant redo it on his own, and it was as much a result of the 70s as lucas

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star wars is like, people in charge suck, fuck this were taking over, hey these shady people amd ewok mfkrs can help us, also watch out for pirates
its more bottom up, in terms of class
yeah but its more real, is what im saying
it reflects the actual world better
star trek is like, an ideal vision
anyway, bible is a fairy tale in the desert
obi wan is almost god

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star wars is like, complicated, fucked up, on the edge of collapse
anyway, star trek always felt like US exporting some future 50s things, then like TNG was reformed self-aware version, a better nation helping troubled allied against predominately hostile and easily to define cultures
very cold war

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welcome to life, shrug
in this context, star trek is like a puddle
all of them
tho truth i havent watched more than couple random eps since TNG
shrug, 90s drama
its almost lifetime network precursor sometimes
is star wars more popular globally?
i feel like yes but i dunno
like, star trek is very 50s minded, like political-west utopia shit
i think maybe that kind of limits its appeal

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lawrence of arabia sounds like some old people film school shit
ill bet most people my age and younger havent seen it
meanwhile, old people and film school people also talking about star wars
there arent many roles greater than obi wan
star wars is effectively religion, like nintendo, DC and marvel mythos
im sure for him star wars felt like a pop culture redo
thats your opinions or alecs?
no it reads like how you meant
anyway, i think the original star wars movies are like, bible epic

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i feel like it is serious this
neat thats not vasquez rocks
hollkwood went on a field trip
music obviously stolen from star wars

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i should see this or something?
that doesnt mean its good
like what
old fucks from hollywood playing on sets at vasquez rocks?
is it kurosawa/kubrick good?
most old war movie shit comes off as incredibly cheesy to me =\
grandpa is into that shit
i think the whole world ends at end of strangelove
what was that comment with the french soldier guys in the desert?

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i think Ri is zero on the bottom ones and infiniti on the top ones
which means the bottom ones are current amps
otherwise bottom is opamp loop, and i wouldnt use opamps like that without calling them comparators

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this is all ideal shit probably, so just infiniti and zero is prob what he wants
oh this is just some lecture slides or homework from before or something?
anyway using a voltage feedback amp tho?
thats just Vout
look up current feedback amp circuits
what he wants i dont know, but thats what you would use for this
oh go hang out with him in office hours

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anyway bottom ones you cant analyze with normal voltage feedback opamp methods
theyre just amps, whi8ch makes it difficult to analyze without actually knowing input circuits and values
he just used the Av labels because theyre part of the symbol and who cares its school
and he expects you ti give the input impedance to make it work
sicne he keeps putting Ri=?!
Ri is towards infiniti on the top ones, and towards zero on the bottom

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Vgnd - Ii * (Rin * R1)
thats you load voltage
bottom right
top right is simple, the current has someplace to go, normal voltage feedback situation
you can do current out with opamps
i mean, technically everything is voltage and current out
R2 in boom left i guess decides how much current goes into RL?
im not sure it regulates current with realistic voltage rails
also these would be very small input currents
you voltage/current symbols are weird
here they are circles with I or an arror, and circle with V or stacked cell plates

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pretty sure the bottom left one is using the amp open loop, and assuming usable bias current offsets
not very real world
2nd one depends on bias current offset
the voltage drop across the input impedancestacks on top of R1 voltage, witch is opposite direction current
so Vout R1 R2 node wants to be negative

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itd just bisd current
if it was a current mode amplifier it would say probably say Ai
all there is there is bias current
ideal opamp, input impedance is infiniti, there is no bias current
opamps are not ideal
bias current is kind of like, opamp leakage current

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rab: i put the CNC in the trunk of the 740 notch
like, folded up the 2x4' feet, loosened the nut holding the column on and laid column down, took like a minute
jero32: i think its a current feedback opamp?
oh it says Av

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blackmoon: oh shit i wonder if thats what the base is for eco safe or whatever box tape at office depot
has a dolphin picture
smells like vinegar

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