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jezus fuck i thought i was going to sleep but i guess there are three assignments due on the same day for gen ed pol sci class wtf?
none of these could have been started before last lecture on monday
flipped class my nuts

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it says technical difficulties

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i dunno anything about that

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definitely maybe
im not sure what you mean by solar charger
but the wind generator, rectifier, ultracap top off sounds sane
if you mean take the charging circuit from the battery charger, it really depends on the battery its meant to charge and the cap spec
anyway, i think you should find some application notes
and turn this into two projects, one where you turn the wind generator into a (somewhat) regulated DC supply
and another where you charge supercaps
so like, go learn about supercaps, then you tell us if the charger in the solar panel regulator dealy will charge supercaps
pretty sure you can figure out the windmill DC part in an afternoon

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k fix all the things
in #electronics?
hes annoying and is minimally on topic, but he doesnt pedo in channel
i think him
i dont think anyone else knows him from other chans
yeah i dont remember the details

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this chan always been pretty lo pro
i try and remember this weekend, i have test botnet idling in another chan i could bring in here
i havent touched them for maybe 6 months, they opping people and each other fine
kastein: also the only person who seems to be tripping about it is joellama, no one else cares too much

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chanfix? chanfix.

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kastein_: hi!
rab ccfl_man ^
timecop: weren't you op in here?
kastein_: opfix <3 u

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yeah mine charges through the usb otg port
i think thats how you have to burn the bios
instructions involved windows PE and i was kind of like fuck that, later, i can live with the stupid android dual boot screen for a bit

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timecop: keyboard here, works
heh, keyboard is soft touch paint, tablet is semi-gloss black

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