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guys i hate this us gov class

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it tastes like camomile
i like mint flavored canned stuff
shrug, little bit

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for more than that you should probably just be using a sense resistor

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apestate are you running from law enforcement
thats scarier

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gpf: is it connected to power planes?
power planes + ROHS is kind of a bitch sometimes
apestate is north american and from years ago
does machine stuff, dont remember much else

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apestate: i didnt really read it, but i think they were showing a bidirectional buck/boost with a h bridge
so it can be a regulator/charger for the device, or it can charge other things as a host
sculptor: lawsuit with the getty or some other artsy place
show file and right click show image still seems to work
it loads from the source

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it depends
if it has some calibrated battery chip, replacing the batteries might make it more like from factory
but maybe it has some adaptive shit and that tricks it, shrug
thats a neat render

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apestate: crazy shit at the end is crazy

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