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least they used button head cap screws for pcb mounting

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someone make a giant atari
those aren either/or?
why would they put buttom silk on top of a two sided boards?
shrug, under socket or option
prob under
this doesnt seem like an option kind of board
dont shake the big atari
shrug, were made by machine tools

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timecop: its like as big as fucking atari
looks way taller than my 7800 was
why are so many of the IC dip =(
one of the daughters got a ssop looks like
actually i think its soic and the dips just make it look like an ssop

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that would make sense

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heh, nadia from pussy riot on MSNBC
wait this from two months ago wtf

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nuisance blowing
typically you have breakers and fuses for catostrphic failure, like shorts
something like a UPS likely has active overcurrent protection
the the breaker would be there for when that fails
the UPS itself or the load could experience a short
it has breakers on the outputs or inputs?
doesnt really matter, i guess, either way the breakers might be there for conditions that are faster or higher current than the active protection could deal with
but rating something at 30A and then putting a 30A fuse or breaker means it cant really do 30A
okay well youre kind of supporting what im saying
it has active protection and the breaker is there if that fails
50A might just be what was available, shrug

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sculptor: <3 mean well shit

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we almost convinced automation teacher to take apart project screen to figure out how it limits
sculptor: so you want to use momentary switches to flip relay to directional inputs on blinds?
or momentary pulse

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muscle stuff loads my hip
less power, shrug
i would check prices vs whatever h-bridge solutions fits your project

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rab: so hip has been fine vs long geared long crank single speed, but lower gears more spinny def seems harder on knees
ive never had knees issues before

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right but you dont need more than a few drops
it works like ptfe and silicone should, tho, which is very nice

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if they dont make it anymore thats not a great gauge of value
its like those wired logitech thumb trackballs
the wireless ones are $30 new, the discontinued wired one goes for like $200+
the thumb balls?
i totally use one
great for messy desks
also awesome for dogfighting in space
you gotta keep em clean and lube helps
im using tri-flow on mine (ptfe doped silicone lube marketed for bikes)
hahaha nooooooooo
thats tire goop
i hate that shit, at work we cut open tubes before trashing them
tri-flow is like, machine lube, smells like banana
blackmoon: triflow? we get jugs at work, and i drench my bike in it and i still have tons left
its 60ml, and i think i paid $10 locally?

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the IR probe?
yeah thats price on amazon
i dont think ive used that one
their cheaper one was pretty cool, never had issues with it
in los angeles my shit never dropped below 119, and was like 120 max
the only place i saw sag was at first speaker job, but it was next to a canning factory
you probably dont mean your cannabis dealer
if BC is brit columbia, thats a funny name for your power company

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those home depot/harbor freight ones work surprisingly well
theyre manual range and the batteries seem to get ate quick, but theyre accurate enough
also they cheap out on the filter cap
which means those are more suitable for measuring audio than something like a fluke
flukes we tried started rolling off at under 1khz, clearly tuned for measuring mains frequencies, the cheap shit ones dont roll off until way higher, maybe just from passing nyquist freq

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and his behavior and awareness seems all over the place last few years, which suggests trying diff meds and adjusting levels
which i could guess meaning 5 diff things but thats not as nuts as hes been

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either that or he got into an argument with parents and the therapist drugged him up
he wasnt exceptionally weird before, he was like normal irc weird
something seems to have happened few years ago
easily, often with the same person and diff circumstance
it might not have been an argument, he seemed bored and depressed before

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heh @ conflicting IRQs

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heh @ authentic
im just laughing at the idea of acquiring hella shit OEM cards and dongles

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